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Fortnite Update 12.21 Patch Notes & server downtime for next Chapter 2 download

Epic Games official Fortnite Status Twitter account has announced its intention to release the games next big update to the game.

So regardless whether you player Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android or even Nintendo Switch, get ready, the Fortnite update 12.21.

It also means plenty of new features, tweaks and bug fixes for the games three moves: Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative.

Fortnite Status announced the news late on Monday evening, telling fans:

"Hey, all! v12.21 is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24. Downtime begins at 2 AM ET (0600 UTC)."

For those in the UK, that means a new download will be ready from 6am UK time on March 24.

Yes that is a slightly different time to the normal downtime we see for the game, but then again, it seems most games are opperating on slightly different timescales right now with the Coronavirus and many devs working from home.

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It's not yet clear what the new 12.21 update will contain in terms of content, but it's likely to be something new for all game modes to play with.

Equally, having released a large update to the game last week, we wouldn't imagine there are loads of new skins and map changes coming.

It's likely going to be a few choice additions to the game. Perhaps even the Deadpool skin which should be arriving shortly.

Keep reading and you can take a look at the existing bugs which are listed as fixed in a future release.

Epic Games doesn't do a great job of sharing patch notes with players anymore, so for now, this is the best the community can look forward to when it comes to knowing what may be included in the Fortnite update 12.21 changes.

That said, these are merely early patch notes based on what we believe could be changed, but if you check back on March 24, we could have a more thorough list of changes based on what the community spots, post-release.

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Fortnite update 12.21 Battle Royale issues

• Spy Games: Stuck on "Select Tech" screen.

– In a Spy Games mode, players may get stuck on the "Select Tech" screen.

• Style selections for certain Locker items not saving.

– Players' style selection for certain Locker items may not save.

• Harpoon Gun not catching loot consistently.

– The Harpoon Gun does not successfully catch loot on a consistent basis.

• Auto Pick Up not functioning properly.

– Players may be unable to pick up items using Auto Pick Up.

• Deadpool Plunger not visible on 4:3 aspect ratio.

– The Deadpool Plunger from his Week 3 Challenges is not visible.

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Fortnite update 12.21 Save the World issues

• Defender Eliminations do not count towards quest credit.

– Defender eliminations no longer count towards player quest credit. Defenders should work with players and not against them. We're working on a fix.

• Spawn rate for Love Lobbers is too high during encounters.

– High levels of Love Lobbers will spawn. Anecdotal reports indicate 4-8 Lobbers at a time in some instances. We're working to slightly reduce these numbers.

• Love Lobbers' projectiles are able to damage player built structures

– Love Lobbers are dealing more damage than intended to player built structures. Love Lobber's will no longer deal damage to player structures in an upcoming update.

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Fortnite update 12.21 Creative issues

• Billboard Settings do not save when copied.

– When copying Billboards, the settings will not save from the copied Billboard.

• Interactive UI not functioning properly when using the Quick Menu on mobile.

– Players on mobile will not be able to interact with the Quick Menu using the pre-assigned buttons.

• Creepin' Cardboard takes up too much memory.

– Placing a Creepin Cardboard may take up a lot of memory and then go invisible while the memory issue persists.

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