Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

Fortnite To Screen A Clip From New Star Wars Movie This Week

Fortnite‘s crossover with Star Wars will continue as the release of The Rise Of Skywalker draws closer. A screening of a scene from the movie will air at Risky Reels this week.

Fortnite loves a crossover event and aside from streamer drama, its the game’s crossovers that have garnered the most attention, especially in the mainstream. Whether it be Thanos arriving on the island to wreak havoc or Marshmello playing a live virtual concert, whenever Fortnite collaborates with someone or something it is well worth talking about.

Fortnite‘s latest crossover event might well be the biggest so far, depending on how big a Marvel fan you are. However, on the surface, it felt as if both sides could have gotten a little more from it. The Star Wars universe entered the game a few weeks ago, but all it brought with it was a Storm Trooper skin and a Star Destroyer hovering way above the island.

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Turns out that wasn’t all Epic had up its sleeve in regard to its Star Wars collaboration. The bigger picture has now been revealed via posters that have popped up all over the map, and it is a pretty big picture indeed. The posters have revealed that on December 14, 2019, a scene from the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker will air at Fortnite‘s drive-in theater, Risky Reels.

The poster reveals that doors are at 1:30 pm ET, but the screening will not begin until 2 pm. There’s also a “with J.J. Abrams” note right at the bottom which likely means the director of the movie will be making some sort of cameo. As for the rules for watching the scene, the assumption is that it will be similar to the aforementioned Marshmello concert, and players watching the clip will be unable to hurt one another.

This is a pretty big deal for Fortnite and Star Wars, as the game’s crossover events often are. We can’t think of a previous event that will bring in more outside eyes than this one. Star Wars fans who don’t play Fortnite will want to be among the first to see the scene. To do that, they will either need to download and play it or watch one of the many people who will be streaming the event.

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