Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Fortnite To Remove Legacy Look Controls Options Next Week

Legacy Look Controls will be completely removed from Fortnite starting on March 13th, but there is still a way to preserve your current settings. The shift in gameplay will also remove the Legacy Control aim-assist that gave an unfair advantage to console players.

At the beginning of Chapter 2, Legacy Controls were kept in the game as a way to make cross-platform play more competitive. It’s well-known that a mouse and keyboard configuration allows for a level of precision that is nearly impossible to achieve on a controller.

As a means to give console players a fighting chance against their PC-playing counterparts, aim-assist is a feature employed in many shooters to level the playing field. This is an issue that PC players have detested since the beginning of time. Their complaints typically fall on deaf ears. But as Fortnite’s new season trudges forward, it’s become abundantly clear that Fortnite’s Legacy Controls go far beyond putting players on even ground.

Pros and amateurs alike have shared clips of exploits that Legacy Look Controls are responsible for. Using the aim-assist feature, players can track their opponents through cornfields, smoke, and even walls with relative ease.

It’s clearly an issue that needed addressing. The news sparked some immediate concern amongst players who fear their sensitivity settings will be lost. But preserving your in-game settings is relatively easy. All players have to do is select “Copy from Legacy” in their controller options and toggle off “Use Legacy Look Controls” any time before March 13th.

The Fortnite community is one that has more of a foothold in the game’s development than pretty much any other title. Epic Game’s ability to respond to community concerns in a timely manner is a large factor in the game’s immense success. Removing Legacy Look Controls is simply the latest in a long line of changes that seek to keep the game fresh and provide an optimal experience for players of all skill levels. The Patch notes aren’t always accepted with open arms, but this is a fix that was long overdue.

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