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Fortnite: How To Hunt For Wildlife

The Fortnite Battle Royale island has been filled with animals, and you can hunt them for certain items.

It’s not necessary to hunt animals to get a Victory Royale in Fortnite. However, there are perks if you decide to do so. Boars, wolves, and chickens will drop animal bones and meat once killed. You can also kill frogs and they will drop a stink sac. All of these items have different uses in the game.

Animal bones are used to upgrade makeshift weapons into primal weapons. You can use mechanical parts instead to turn makeshift weapons into mechanical weapons.

Meat is a healing item, it will recover 15 HP once consumed and the animation is short, so taking a few pieces of meat with you is certainly more powerful than resorting to Medkits. But if you have two animal bones and a piece of meat you can also craft a Hunter’s Cloak. If you want to learn more about the Hunter’s Cloak, check out our guide.

Finally, stink sacs can be used to craft a Primal Stink Bow. If you have a Rare Primal Bow and a stink sac, you can put one and the other together to craft a Primal Stink Bow. It works just like the now vaulted Stink Bomb.

Finding Wildlife

Wildlife is exactly just that… wild. So, you can’t depend on it to always spawn in the same place. Especially since they will often wander around the island throughout the duration of the match.

Wolves, for example, will often wander into strange places if they’ve been chasing another player or even other wildlife. They spend a lot of time hunting other animals on the island. They also travel in packs most of the time so they might be the most dangerous animal you’ll encounter.

Wolves are usually away from more populated places such as cities and factories. However, they tend to spawn near forests like Weeping Woods — generally where there aren’t many buildings and houses.

The same goes for boars. However, there’s a good place to look for them. They tend to spawn in a pen in Colossal Crops. They will also attack the player and they can break the fence if they run towards it, so don’t get too comfortable if you’re hunting them from the outside.

Chickens can typically be found on the outskirts of any point of interest in the game. They aren’t initially hostile, they run away but won’t attack unless attacked first.

Frogs are always near bodies of water. If you’re walking by a lake or river chances are that you will see one jumping around.

Hunting these animals can be done with any damaging tool, even your pickaxe can be used. But, you’re most likely going to get attacked if you get too close, so it’s advised to use a rifle or a bow when hunting in Fortnite Battle Royale. This way you won’t be damaged. Meat only recovers health, not shield, so losing your shield when hunting is a bummer if you aren’t carrying extras.

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