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Fortnite: How To Find And Use Reality Seeds

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A new Fortnite Season has just dropped and along with it came tons of updates to the map as well as innovative items and mechanics. As part of the Vibin' theme, the southwestern part of the map has been completely revamped and it's incredibly charming. Along with the update came the addition of Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings.

So what exactly are they, where can you find them, and what do they do? In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about them and we'll show you how to make use of them in a match.

Where To Find Reality Seed Pods

There are only two ways of obtaining Reality Seeds in Fortnite. You can either get them from a Reality Seed Pod or you can harvest them from Reality Seed Sapling.

Go to Reality Falls if you'd like to get your hands on some Reality Seeds, although you may find Saplings nearby, it's still where you're most likely to get them and the only place where Pods will spawn.

Reality Seed Pod

Reality Seed Pods look like purple bulbs with a glowing ray of light shutting out of them. They will spawn around Reality Falls. Find one and break it with your pickaxe so that Reality Seeds will fly out of it, then all you have to do is catch one.

Reality Seed Saplings

You can also get Reality Seeds from Reality Seed Saplings, all you have to do is harvest their fruits. Sometimes a Seed will appear, sometimes it won't. Each Sapling bears three fruits and you will find them all around since most players will plant their Saplings near Reality Falls, so just keep trying until you've found one.

How To Plant Reality Seeds

It's extremely easy to plant your own Reality Sapling. All you need is one Reality Seed, so once you've got it all you have to do is throw it on the ground and it'll spawn a small Reality Sapling.

You'll have to keep an eye on your tree as it grows and weed it from time to time, so it can keep improving its fruits and give you better loot as time goes by.

You can only have one tree at a time, if you try to plant another one your previous tree will despawn.

You can check your plant's progress by opening the map and checking the text box on the left. This is how you know if your plant needs to be weeded and what rarity its loot is.

Reality Sapling fruit can even produce Mythic rarity weapons, just keep taking care of it for long enough. Once you are happy with your tree, just go up to it and select the 'pick fruit' button to harvest your loot.

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