Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

Fortnite Has Unvaulted The P90

Fortnite's weapons and items are vaulted and unvaulted all the time, so it's not often newsworthy when one of its guns makes a return. The unvaulting of the P90, named the Compact SMG in-game, is pretty significant though since its unexpected return this week marks the first time the weapon has been available to discover and use in Fortnite for almost three years.

A number of Fortnite dataminers revealed the good news that today's 23.40 update has brought it back. iFireMonkey appears to have been the first who noticed the Compact SMG has returned to the island, and both Hypex and Shiina have confirmed that to be true.

Extra info provided by Shiina revealed it's a very good day for Fortnite players who have been missing certain weapons as a laundry list of them have been unvaulted. Not just the Compact SMG, but also Double Pistols, the Heavy Pistol, the Heavy Sniper, and more. Clearly, Epic is keen to mix things up combat-wise in The Loop as players can expect to encounter a fair few weapons they haven't seen or used for a while, or maybe ever depending on how long you've been playing Fortnite.

As for the Compact SMG, the submachine gun was quietly vaulted as a part of the 13.20 patch during the summer of 2020. There's hope for anyone waiting on something to return as, even if the gap between vaulting and unvaulting is three years, it seems an absent weapon or item is never truly off the table.

The slew of unvaulted weapons comes right after a busy period for new and returning collaborations, including a second team-up between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z. That busy period came to an end with Epic finally letting players begin Fortnite's Witcher quests, giving battle pass owners the chance to unlock the Geralt skin.

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