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Fortnite Green, Yellow, And Red Bridge Locations Guide: Where To Dance For Chaos Rising Challenge

Epic has rolled out a new set of challenges in Fortnite. Week 9’s batch is called Chaos Rising, although like previous sets, there isn’t much of a theme running through the challenges, so you’ll be doing various tasks like skydiving through rings and using ziplines. One of the trickier challenges in this batch asks you to dance at a green steel bridge, yellow steel bridge, and red steel bridge. If you’re not sure where those are located, we’ve put together this guide to show you where to go, along with a map pinpointing the exact locations of all three spots.

Where Are The Green Steel Bridge, Yellow Steel Bridge, And Red Steel Bridge Locations?

  • Green steel bridge — southeast of Frenzy Farm
  • Yellow steel bridge — directly east of Misty Meadows
  • Red steel bridge — south of Pleasant Park

As the challenge states, you’ll need to find three different colored bridges for this mission. Given how many waterways there are around Fortnite Chapter 2’s new map, this can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not already familiar with the island’s layout, so we’ll tell you where each one is located to save you some aimless searching. If you need more help finding them, we’ve also marked where all three bridge locations on the map below.

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where to find the three bridges, completing this challenge is simply a matter of making your way to each one and using a dance emote while standing on them. Fortunately, you don’t need to visit all three bridges within a single match to complete this challenge, so the quickest way to finish the mission may be to dance at one, get eliminated, jump into a new match, dance at another, and repeat the process until you’ve check off all three.

This is the ninth weekly set of challenges Epic has rolled out in Fortnite Chapter 2. It’s unclear just how many more the developer has in store; the season was originally scheduled to end this month but has now been extended into February. In the meantime, if you need help completing any tasks from earlier in the season, you can find all of our maps and guides in our Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup.

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