Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Some Gnarly Texture Issues

For a game that’s expected to be pretty good-looking – which it often is – Final Fantasy VII Remake also has some very serious texture issues that can be hard to ignore. The fantastic lightning and gorgeous character detailing aren’t too impressive when you take a good look at the environment, which sometimes looks more than a decade old – and not in a good way.

First noticed and reported by the folks over at PushSquare, this issue appears both on he standard PlayStation 4, and the PS4 Pro. The problem does not appear in all areas of the game, but in the ones where it does, it definitely casts a bad light on the rest of the game. The pictures in their article were taken from a PS4 Pro at 3840×2160, the highest possible resolution, so there’s really no excuse.

As the original article points out, the game is very linear – no open world in the traditional sense – so there’s actually very little to load, especially compared to a number of other titles that have not run into this problem. Also, there’s the fact that it is obviously possible to make the graphics stunning, as evidenced by the characters and some of the areas, so why skimp on others?

Nothing about these textures changes on any settings, nor after waiting for however long for them to load, so PushSquare has reached out to Square Enix to ask about the issue. All we can do right now is hope that this was not the intended effect, and that they intend to fix it. Otherwise, it’d be a pretty big letdown.

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