Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

Final Fantasy 16 Reportedly Coming Sooner Than We Expected

It appears that Final Fantasy fans won’t have to wait quite as long for Final Fantasy 16 as we initially thought. According to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, Final Fantasy 16 is “coming sooner than people think.”

Speaking on the Triple Click Podcast — with co-hosts Kirk Hamilton and Maddy Myers — Schreier provided some inside information pertaining to the development of Final Fantasy 16. He confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 has been in the works for “at least four years,” citing anonymous members of the studio he had spoken with, before noting that the game is due to launch far sooner than people may have originally anticipated.

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Co-host Kirk Hamilton continued the conversation by addressing the recent Final Fantasy 16 trailer — which aired during the PS5 Showcase — and mentioned how polished it already looked. He went on to applaud Final Fantasy 16’s presentation, noting that the primary reason fans doubted that it would launch prior to the end of the decade had to do with the fact that Final Fantasy 15 was originally supposed to be Final Fantasy 13. After spending ten long years in development, it was eventually released as Final Fantasy 15, having launched after the popular MMO spearheaded by Naoki Yoshida that became the series’ 14th entry.

Square Enix’s previous faux pas has struck a nerve with fans of the franchise, who have now created various memes that peg Final Fantasy 16 as a 2035 release for the PS7. As humorous as the hyperbole is, Schreier thought it was worth mentioning the already lengthy development period that Final Fantasy 16 has been involved in, to subtly extinguish any grievances from begrudging fans.

Our first look at Final Fantasy 16 hit all the notes from the series that fans have grown to love over the years, while establishing a rumored connection to Final Fantasy 14 in its medieval aesthetic. The new narrative came as a surprise to some, as memories of a Visual Works Character Prototype trailer from 2018 sprung to mind, which was then rumored to be a glimpse of the new Final Fantasy title.

Hopefully the revered quality of this year’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake will extend to Final Fantasy 16,as fans readjust their estimated launch date to 2022.

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