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Fall Guys – Season One: Free For All Season Pass Guide

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Fall Guys just debuted their free-to-play launch on existing and new consoles for this title. With this comes their most ambitious season update yet – Season One: Free for All. This brings several updates to new and existing players; including a new and improved Season Pass.

Expanding on the Fame Pass that was available in past Fall Guys seasons, this Season Pass offers you 100 Tiers, each rewarding you with an in-game cosmetic or item. With twice as many rewards as past seasons, this new update brings a handful of changes to how this Battle Pass system functions. Use the information provided to familiarize yourself with these differences to ensure that you are earning all desired Season Pass rewards.

What Is The Season Pass?

The Fall Guys Season Pass expands on the previously offered Fame Pass to present players with an incentive to spend more time playing this title. Offering 100 exclusive rewards, players are required to compete in Fall Guys Shows to progress their Season Pass, earning them these items.

Although there are 100 rewards that are offered, not all rewards come without a price. Due to the increase in size of this feature, in addition to this title now being free-to-play, players will have to pay for access to all 100 rewards available in this Season Pass. This will cost Show-Bucks, a new paid-for currency brought to the game, but is not necessary, as there are several rewards featured in this Season Pass that are being offered for free.

If you purchased Fall Guys prior to its free-to-play launch, you will be granted access to all 100 Tiers of the Season Pass, free of charge.

How To Progress The Season Pass

As mentioned above, you will need to spend time competing in Fall Guys shows to progress your Season Pass. Depending on how many Rounds you survived and how well you performed, you will be rewarded with Fame at the conclusion of each Show that you compete in. These points are required to level up your Season Pass from Tier to Tier, providing you with a new reward each time.

Additionally, there are several challenges available that can be completed in exchange for Fame. Players can view all available challenges from the main lobby of the game; presenting you with Daily, Weekly, and Marathon Challenges. These will require you to perform a set task, rewarding you appropriately depending on the difficulty of the challenge.

Going for these challenges proves to be an extremely effective method for progressing the Season Pass; not only providing you with Fame when completed, but also requiring you to play in Shows to complete these tasks. When deciding which challenges to go for, make sure that you are taking note of the rewards provided. Some challenges will give you Fame; while others will give you Kudos, another in-game currency.

Players can also spend Show-Bucks to skip Season Pass Tiers. This can be done from the main Season Pass screen of the game.

Season Pass Rewards

Each of the 100 Tiers offered with the Season Pass provides players with different in-game rewards. These rewards include several cosmetic items that are exclusive to this Season Pass, in addition to other in-game currencies. Progress the Season Pass to get through all 100 Tiers, potentially earning you countless unique rewards. Although there are rewards offered to those who do not wish to pay for the Season Pass, it's important to note the difference in quality of the free rewards. Many of the major rewards advertised for this Season Pass will require players to pay for all 100 Tiers.

While it will cost you money to obtain the Paid Season Pass, you will earn enough Show-Bucks through rewards to purchase next season's pass. This means that, as long as you save them, you will only have to pay for Show-Bucks once, and then you'll be able to purchase future Season Passes free of charge.

Fall Guys – Season One: Free For All Season Pass
Tier Reward Item Type Free/Paid Reward
1 Ezio (Top and Bottom) Costume Paid
2 Punk Band (Top) Costume Free
3 Enter The Animus Nameplate Paid
4 Down The Middle Pattern Free
5 Reddy To Go Color Free
6 Tiger Stance Emote Paid
7 100 Show-Bucks Currency Free
8 House of Auditore Nickname Free
9 Leap of Faith Celebration Paid
10 200 Kudos Currency Free
11 Arctic Flip Flops (Bottom) Costume Free
12 Dragon Dance Head (Bottom) Costume Paid
13 Dragon Dance Body (Top) Costume Paid
14 Pink Chill Faceplate Free
15 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
16 Dance Dragon Tail (Top) Costume Paid
17 200 Kudos Currency Free
18 Dragon Dance Head (Top) Costume Paid
19 Happy Place Nameplate Free
20 Shape Up Pattern Free
21 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
22 Safety Helmet (Top) Costume Free
23 Three Pointer Emote Paid
24 Benchwarmer Nickname Free
25 Chiselled Bust (Bottom) Costume Paid
26 Chiselled Bust (Top) Costume Paid
27 Pumpkin Spice Color Free
28 200 Kudos Currency Free
29 Pumpkin Spice Faceplate Paid
30 Swivel Star Nickname Free
31 Jungle Frog Pouch (Bottom) Costume Free
32 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
33 Foam Finger Nameplate Free
34 Bein Cheesy (Bottom) Costume Paid
35 300 Kudos Currency Free
36 Bein Cheesy (Top) Costumer Free
37 Melon Slices Pattern Free
38 Crowd Pleaser Emote Paid
39 Top Three Guarantee Nickname Free
40 Creepy Peepers Faceplate Free
41 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
42 Breaker Gang Nameplate Free
43 Spring Daisies (Bottom) Costume Paid
44 Pegwin Gang Pattern Free
45 Spring Daisies (Top) Costume Paid
46 Fire Forged Color Free
47 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
48 300 Kudos Currency Free
49 Winter Pegwin Bow (Top) Costume Paid
50 Tummy Time Pattern Paid
51 Pixel Shades (Top) Costume Free
52 I'm With Winner Celebration Paid
53 Speed Boost Pattern Free
54 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
55 Speed Champ Nickname Free
56 Peter Pointer (Bottom) Costume Paid
57 300 Kudos Currency Free
58 Peter Pointer (Top) Costume Paid
59 100 Show-Bucks Currency Free
60 Clap Clap Woo Emote Paid
61 Blue Me Away Color Free
62 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
63 Day At The Races Nameplate Free
64 Peg-Wig Cake (Top) Costume Paid
65 Sprinkle Top Pattern Free
66 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
67 Lilly Leapers Slippers (Bottom) Costume Free
68 Golden Grey Color Paid
69 Sumo Inflatable (Bottom) Costume Paid
70 300 Kudos Currency Free
71 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
72 Sumo Inflatable (Top) Costume Free
73 Happy Jammer Nameplate Free
74 Shake and Swirl Pattern Paid
75 Pink Afloat Color Free
76 400 Kudos Currency Free
77 Rhino Rodeo Celebration Paid
78 Not the Fastest Nickname Free
79 Swash Sash (Bottom) Costume Paid
80 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
81 Avocado Pattern Free
82 Prized Pin Nameplate Free
83 Patty Pack (Top) Costume Paid
84 Beetroot Blush Faceplate Free
85 Daisies Pattern Free
86 Burning Sensei (Bottom) Costume Paid
87 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
88 400 Kudos Currency Free
89 Burning Sensei (Top) Costume Paid
90 Criss-Cross Pattern Free
91 100 Show-Bucks Currency Paid
92 Golden Grey Faceplate Paid
93 Sprinkles Donut Bag (Top) Costume Free
94 Wide Eyed Pattern Free
95 Epic Sax Bean Emote Paid
96 Mechagodzilla (Bottom) Costume Paid
97 Technological Terror Nickname Free
98 Humanity's Greatest Weapon Nameplate Paid
99 Mechagodzilla (Top) Costume Paid
100 100 Show-Bucks Currency Free

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