Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

FACEIT partner with Epic Esports Events to launch Epic Pro League

Epic Esports Events, the company behind EPICENTER, has teamed up with FACEIT to launch the Epic Pro League. The competition will see players from Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states battle it out on Counter-Strike: Globel Offensive and Dota 2

The goal of the competition is to draw talent from the regions and turn them into future esports stars. The player will be placed in one of three open divisions based upon their personal FACEIT level on either CS:GO or Dota2, players can be promoted to higher divisions based on their final standing at the end of each season. Pro players from the top teams in the region will get a direct invitation to the events top league.

Players who compete in the league’s top division will be eligible to participate in the FACEIT Pro League qualifiers. Epic Esports Events will allow players who compete at the events the opportunity to “significantly shorten their FPL run, while previously players would need several months on average to get a chance to take part in the qualifiers.”

The events will also be open to team competitions, as part of the Epic Pro League; winners will earn a spot at the Global Offensive: Champions League and Dota 2: Champions League, they will also receive an invitation to a closed regional qualifier for both EPICENTER and Adrenaline Cyber League.

Players can compete in the CS:GO league for a monthly fee of 349 rubles (£4.17), with Russian servers being used for all players who compete. The Dota 2 league will be a free-to-participate league once it launches.

Esports Insider says: The region is producing some great esports stars, so FACEIT and Epic Esports Events teaming up to add more grassroots events to both CS:GO and Dota 2 is only going to open the door to the next generation of star players.

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