Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Doom Eternal’s Launch Trailer Confirms One Important Returning Enemy

With Doom Eternal a little over a week away, Bethesda has uploaded a launch trailer to get people hyped for their return to hell. Along with generally being awesome, the new teaser actually confirms the return of a rather important figure from the classic Doom games: The Icon of Sin.

Teased in Doom (2016), The Icon of Sin is most famous for being a wall texture. That’s not a joke, either, as in Doom 2, the monster is basically a texture on the wall that spawns endless waves of enemies. It’s kind of a dud of a battle that ends the game on a whimper, but technology was super limited back in 1994.

The more pressing question here is whether or not there will be a reference to John Romero’s head. As Doom fans are intimately familiar with, the spot at which you damaged The Icon of Sin in the original game was a sprite of Doom co-creator John Romero. The garbled speech that played during the final level even held a message of “you must kill me, John Romero.” It’s pretty damn rad.

Many had speculated that The Icon of Sin would be returning in Eternal, but nothing had been confirmed. Whether or not he was going to be as lame as the original, it would have been cool to just see him. Thankfully, id Software didn’t cheap out and the boss looks incredible.

We can also infer that part of Doom Eternal is going to take place in actual cities. We’ve seen some of that, but The Icon of Sin is shown rampaging through a city and destroying massive skyscrapers. Previous footage from Eternal showed the Doom Slayer on the ground, so there’s potential of players fighting in the sky.

Whatever does happen, Eternal is looking rather excellent. All of the pre-release demos I’ve played have basically confirmed that I’m going to love it. The game is faster, more brutal, and more challenging than the previous installment. That’s exactly what every sequel should hope to achieve.

Doom Eternal will be launching for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 20, 2020. A Switch port will be coming later in the year.

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