Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Does Modern Warfare have an SBMM system based on microtransactions?

There has been no hiding the skill-based matchmaking in Modern Warfare. While nothing is official, we’ve seen a multitude of tests that show it exists. Infinity Ward, of course, will never admit to this, due to the outrage that would ensue if they did. However, there is some sort of skill-based matchmaking within the game. It may not be as strict as previous titles like Advanced Warfare, but it is present in some capacity. However, there could be another level to skill-based matchmaking we previously didn’t know about.

Microtransactions playing a role in SBMM?

The Season 1 update introduced a whole new set of cosmetics to Modern Warfare. Though most of the items lie within the Battle Pass, the rest reside in the new Item Shop. We’ve seen an Item Shop in Call of Duty before, so this didn’t come as a surprise.

The Item Shop is reasonably fair, with no cosmetic being too overpriced thus far. For the first week of Season 1, there have been different Bundles that players can purchase with COD Points. These Bundles offer skins, weapon variants, and other Barracks-related items.

One popular YouTuber by the name of PrestigeIsKey decided to buy some of these items in the Shop, and something interesting happened afterward. As soon as PrestigeIsKey spent money on the microtransactions, he started to get into easier public match lobbies.

No? For reals?

Idk what’s going on but as soon as I bought some items I was getting crazy weird matchmaking. Even in my video I’m just walking right up to people and they don’t shoot lol

PrestigeIsKey made a video explaining a certain weapon variant in Modern Warfare. The video‘s gameplay was recorded right after he purchased some of the cosmetics in the Item Shop. And, as you can see below, the enemies he’s facing seem more like bots than actual players.


1,3 млн подписчиков

For reference, PrestigeIsKey is an above-average Modern Warfare player. As such, his lobbies should be fairly difficult with the skill-based matchmaking currently in the game. However, the lobbies he showcases in the video instead look extremely underwhelming.

This, of course, is nothing official. However, it is interesting that something like this happened. Activision is infamous for its shady business practices, and this could definitely be another one of their tactics. If you spend money in Modern Warfare, you could receive easier lobbies to show off the new items you purchased. It’s not too far out of the realm of possibility.

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