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Destiny 2 Lightfall release time, downtime and update 7.0 patch notes

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is getting ready to release the next major expansion, titled Lightfall. Lightfall has a February 28 release date and a 6pm GMT UK start time. The launch of the new season will coincide with a period of server downtime, which lasts for 24 hours, beginning at 5pm on February 27. Fans can login at 5pm GMT on February 28, before Lightfall becomes playable at 6pm. In addition to server downtime, Destiny 2 Lightfall will launch alongside season 20, which will be known as the Season of Defiance.

As for Lightfall, the new expansion comes with a brand new Campaign, a new location, another Raid and lots of quality of life improvements.

The campaign revolves around the new location of Neptune, and its neon neon-soaked capital.

“In a Neptunian city under siege, find strength in your fellow Guardians as the end to all things approaches – the Witness is here,” reads the official description.

“Arm yourself with new rewards and unlock new Dark powers to triumph in Lightfall’s unforgettable Legendary mode.”

Bungie will also add the new Strand subclass, complete with mystical weaving and grappling abilities. You can see some of the abilities in the Lightfall trailer below.

Finally, there’s the Root of Nightmares Raid, which opens at 5pm GMT on March 10.

If you want to see some of the changes coming with the Lightfall update, check out the patch notes below.

Destiny 2 Lightfall update patch notes…



• Added an Exotic Armor Swap penalty applied to Trials of Osiris and Competitive Division.

 – Equipping a different piece of Exotic armor drains all ability energy in these modes.

• Competitive Division

 – Fixed a bug that caused the Competitive intro quest to auto-claim the completion reward.

 – Rewards are now claimed upon interacting with Shaxx.

 – Competitive Rift & Showdown have reduced revive delay time to 1.5s from 2s; reduced respawn time to 5.5s from 7s.


• Fixed an issue in Heist Battleground:

 – Europa where a Heavy ammo crate could respawn for players who get quarantined into the boss fight arena.

• When you play Vanguard Ops or Nightfall, your final score determines a reputation multiplier for that activity’s completion.

 – Multipliers run from 1.0 (under 30,000 points) to 7.0 (above 250,000).

 – We also tuned the amount of Vanguard rank you receive for completions, Nightfall quality, and streaks.

• Full pass on all Vanguard map and mode multipliers, with an eye toward balancing score-per-hour, rather than score-per-attempt.

• Vanguard and Nightfall strikes: Added on-screen health bar for bosses previously missing them.

• Fixed an issue where player could be given the same objective twice in quick succession in The Devil’s Lair strike.

• The Vanguard Ops playlist has increased in difficulty – players can no longer level beyond the enemy combatants.

• Additional rotating modifiers have been added to the Vanguard Ops playlist.

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• Hero, Legend, and Master difficulties have been reworked for greater challenge and to accommodate new modifiers.

 – Adept difficulty has been removed.

 – Hero activity level is now soft cap + 20. Legend is Power cap + 30, and Master is Power cap + 40.

 – Each has a scaling combat delta that keeps you under level in the activity and provides a smoother pathway to Grandmaster.

• Most Hero/Legend/Master/Grandmaster activities now feature the ability to use “overcharged” weapons for increased damage.

 – Which weapons are overcharged are determined by your Seasonal Artifact unlocks and activity modifiers.

• Elemental singes and burns have been replaced and broken out into incoming and outgoing components: “threats” and “surges”.

 – Damage bonuses for surges and overcharges do not stack.


• Armor pieces from Master difficulty Grasp of Avarice, Duality, and Spire of the Watcher drop with higher stats.



• Added support and in-game setting to toggle NVIDIA Reflex (on supported PC hardware).

• Fixed various minor QoL issues regarding the Controller settings menus on PC.


• Collision damage is no longer lethal against Guardians.

• Ghost projections that changed color based on your subclass now support Strand coloration when using a Strand Subclass.


• Players now have access to full Mandarin audio localization across all new Lightfall content, the accompanying Season, and core game modes covering Crucible, Gambit, and strikes.

• Ikora for German has been re-cast.

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