Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

DayZ Update Today: PS4 and Xbox Patch confirmed for March 16

Update – We've now added patch notes to the bottom of the page to reflect changes from the March 16th update on consoles.

Original Story – DayZ is releasing a new update today for consoles. That means all PS4 and Xbox One players should notice a new update the next time they log in.

At the time of writing this doesn't appear to be a new update entirely, but rather a hotfix to the existing 1.07 update the game is on currently.

Just over one hour ago the development team told fans on Twitter:

"We are now starting to release a patch with some fixes for the current 1.07 update. Some servers will be offline during the process.We will come back with more information soon."

As noted by the above message, there's no word yet on what fixes or changes might take place, but we suspect that these will be announced in an update on the game's official game forums.

In fact, replying to one eager user who replied asking 'patch notes?' the official team did say they will release the patch notes once the update process is completed.

They also added a little smiley face, because clearly they're wonderful people.

There's also no word on whether these updates have been released for PC previously, or if the changes will come to PC eventually.

We'll be sure to update this story with more details shortly.

DayZ Patch Notes for Update on 16.03.2020



  • Fixed: A common server crash
  • Fixed: A common game crash connected to memory
  • Fixed: An exploit for item duplication
  • Fixed: Certain items would be inaccessible after placing
  • Fixed: Tents could be placed half-way in the ground
  • Fixed: The player was able to dig worms while high above actual soil
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