Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Coronavirus UK: Xbox Live downloads speeds unchanged for now says Microsoft

Although Sony has announced plans to purposefully slow down PSN, Microsoft is holding back for now – as it offers free Minecraft lessons.

It may merely be a matter of time, but for now Microsoft is not doing anything to throttle download speeds on Xbox Live, despite Sony announcing that they will and the unprecedented amount of usage at the moment, from everyone working from home and self-isolating.

In a new blog, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Microsoft was, ‘seeing an unprecedented demand for gaming from our customers right now.’

‘We understand the important role gaming is playing right now to connect people and provide joy in these isolating and stressful times, and our teams are working diligently to ensure we can be there for our players’, he wrote.

‘To that end, we are actively monitoring performance and usage trends to ensure we’re optimising the service for our customers worldwide and accommodating for new growth and demand’, added Spencer.

Whether that means that downloads speeds will be slowed down in the near future is unclear, but it certainly seems to imply that Microsoft is considering the option.

The rest of Spencer’s blog is concerned with supporting families and non-gamers, as he reminds people to use the Xbox One’s family settings and the Copilot feature.

He’s also announced a new education category for the Minecraft marketplace, filled with content parents can download for their children to use while they’re away from school.

The content will be free until 30 June and was originally create for Minecraft: Education Edition for schools. It includes topics such as the International Space Station, marine biology, and Greek history.

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