Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

Corepunk MMORPG Announced for PC; Feels Like Part Cyberpunk, Part Diablo, and Part Ultima Online

Corepunk, a new top-down MMORPG for PC from Dutch developer Artificial Core that gives off vibes of cyberpunk, Diablo, and Ultima Online, will get an open-beta launch in 2020.Corepunk features "a seamless open world with miles of wilderness to get lost in" and, as you can see in the announcement/gameplay overview trailer, has a unique look and, with any luck, gameplay loop. Said gameplay will include unique fighting styles and abilities, and Artificial Core also promises a full in-game economy, crafting, and trading in-game items. Furthermore, the developer says, "branching quests and alternate endings guarantee that no playthrough will be exactly alike."Corepunk Announcement ScreenshotsDistance from your opponent will factor heavily into combat, with a fog-of-war system complementing that and requiring careful strategy. PvP battles will be available in addition to the PvE core, and you can expect the usual MMO staples like fleshed-out towns, guilds, farms, instanced dungeons, and more. “Corepunk represents a synthesis of our favorite settings and themes from science fiction,” says Corepunk producer Eugene Kiver. “Over the course of five years, we’ve expanded our team to over 100 people to ensure our vision of the ultimate futuristic fantasy comes to life. We can’t wait to have MMORPG fans live out their technocratic dreams with us.”Learn more about Corepunk at the official website.

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