Monday, 14 Jun 2021

Control Is Free On Epic Games Store

Control is the next free game on Epic Games Store and is the final offering in the Epic Mega Sale. Released in 2019, action/adventure game Control received rave reviews and picked up numerous industry awards. Anyone who hasn’t picked up Remedy Entertainment’s hit has a week to download it from the Epic Games Store.

As with all limited-time freebies on Epic Games Store, it’s yours forever once you’ve claimed it. As long as it’s claimed, you can download it for free after the sale has ended next Thursday.

This is a bit of a better deal than last week’s free game, the immensely popular Among Us. Considering it’s already free on mobile, and barely sets you back at all on PC, it was certainly an odd choice for a free game slot.

In a bid to counter Steam’s monopoly on the PC software market, Epic Games Store has seen a new free game become available every week. As well as Control and Among Us, anyone with an Epic Games Store account has managed to bag NBA 2K21, The Lion’s Song, and Alien Isolation.

Control is free to pick up right now, as the deal has just gone live. Despite this marking the end of the summer mega sale, Epic Games Store has a free game on offer every week, having done so since its launch in December 2018.

This, however, has come at a considerable cost. As revealed in its ongoing lawsuit with Apple, Epic is paying big money to secure the freebies – as much as $1,500,000 in Batman Arkam’s case. The free games show no sign of stopping, however, so something must be working.

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