Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Clash Of Clans Made More Money Than Any Other Mobile Game This Decade

The last 10 years was certainly the biggest decade for mobile gaming thus far, and one game made more money than any other during that time: Clash of Clans. The popular strategy title had players opening their wallets more than any other game on the mobile platform, gaining a massive following along the way and setting a trend for the future of the medium.

Finnish company Supercell first released Clash of Clans back in August of 2012, and according to App Annie, it made more money than any other game over the last ten years. Following ClashMonster Strike captured the number 2 spot, followed by Candy Crush SagaPuzzle & Dragons, and Fate/Grand OrderClash of Clans also landed itself at the number 5 spot on the list of most downloaded games of the decade.

It’s no surprise that Clash of Clans was able to achieve this success given how addicting the game can be. On the surface, the title is completely free-to-play and players can progress through the game fine without spending a penny. If you spend some money though, you progress through the game much faster, hence why Clash was able to pull in so much cash.

The game’s concept is simple yet effective. You’re tasked with building a fortress, with the goal of raiding other player’s fortresses to obtain resources. Over time, your fortress becomes larger and generates more powerful defenses, such as wizards, cannons, and dragons. Your time is certainly rewarded, as building a high leveled fortress can take months, but it will most likely end up looking pretty impressive. Those who wanted to avoid the tedious grind of climbing the game’s leaderboards could pay their way through the game to become more powerful.

Clash of Clans certainly set a trend in the world of mobile gaming, as microstransactions were not nearly as prevalent back in 2012 as they are today. One might argue that without Clash, we might not see so many games today with pay-to-play features, such as Pokémon GO, and Mario Kart Tour. Whether or not you agree with the prevalence of microtransactions in today’s mobile games, there’s no doubt that Clash of Clans has a massive influence on the platform.

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