Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023

Calling The Mario Movie Super Bowl Ad Number Lets You Talk To Luigi

Before the big game on Sunday night, Twitter was set ablaze by a new trailer for the Super Mario Movie. Well, actually, it was an ad for Mario and Luigi's plumbing company, paying homage to 1989's Super Mario Bros. Super Show. It even includes a number you can call to hear from Luigi.

While most people checked if the plumbers' website is real after watching the ad ten to twelve more times (it is, by the way), others called the number. Likely expecting to be met with little more than a dial tone, Mario fans were pleasantly surprised to hear Charlie Day's Luigi on the other end. A recorded message since Charlie would have been busy doing his pre-game rituals ahead of the Eagles returning to the Super Bowl.

“Thank you for calling Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, it's-a me Luigi,” kicks off the message, followed by the taller Mario brother informing the caller they'll need to text that same number if they need anything from him and Mario. Feel free to drop the pair of them a message if you like. Maybe Nintendo and Illumination plan on responding to some of them.

Luigi goes on to say he and Mario will tackle plumbing issues wherever you live, whether it be a house, condo, or mansion. GetMadz, who appears to have made an animation to accompany the recording incredibly quickly, quite rightly highlights that being a reference to the Luigi's Mansion series. Something many fans will be hoping makes a cameo in the movie.

As touched upon, there's also a website to visit which has been perfectly put together to make it look and feel like a site created by two guys who have very little knowledge on how to do anything other than plumb. The wait for the Mario movie is now a pretty short one. The star-studded film will hit cinemas on April 7, 2023. If you can wait, it will also be on Netflix from October.

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