Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

Call Of Duty: Warzone Might Be Getting Blackout’s Alcatraz Map On December 10

Twitter user @BlackOpsLeaks has just revealed an image of a supposed new map that may be coming to Call of Duty: Warzone on December 10 – this new map, dubbed ‘Rebirth Island’, appears to be a larger remake of Blackout’s Alcatraz.

The file containing the leaked promotional image for Rebirth Island was found in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which makes sense given that the two will be integrated when Cold War’s first season starts. On top of this, the leaker is the same person behind the leaks of season one’s battle pass items, lending credibility to their new claims.

In the original map for Blackout, Alcatraz was a smaller zone that only allowed for 40 players with limited respawns until the entire squad was eliminated as you could only play in quads – perhaps this will be changed for Warzone or something similar will be offered.

With Alcatraz supposedly returning in the form of Rebirth Island to Warzone and with the files being found in Cold War, hopefully, the zombie alternative to the prison island, Mob of the Dead and Blood of the Dead, will receive a similar remaster for the latest Black Ops.

This isn’t the first time that there have been Alcatraz-related leaks from Warzone, however, as way back in Season 5, there was a leaked thumbnail that imagined the infamous American prison island as a Soviet factory – whether or not ‘Rebirth Island’ is a continuation of these prior leaks is uncertain.

Since the files were found in Cold War, it’s likely that the name is a reference to an original Black Ops mission of the same name that sees Mason infiltrate Vozrozhdeniya to assassinate Nazi scientist Steiner.

This island wasn’t Alcatraz, however, as it was a Soviet bioweapons facility. However, that could lend itself to the previous leaks. During the Cold War, in Call of Duty’s story, this island was used to develop the German biochemical weapon Nova 6, so perhaps all of these threads will tie together to make for a unique and fresh entry into Warzone’s catalog.

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