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Call of Duty Modern Warfare UPDATE: PS4 and Xbox patch news for COD Warzone download

Activision has confirmed its plans for the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare update but has yet to share much on what might be included for COD Warzone. Playlist changes for Modern Warfare multiplayer modes are usually scheduled every Tuesday, and developers have confirmed that they will be following this same pattern in March. That means a new Call of Duty patch is being readied for March 17, 2020, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

While these COD downloads sometimes only ship with a few tweaks, they can also contain bug fixes and new content as well.

So far, Activision has only shared what they have planned for Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

From what has been shared so far, MW gamers can expect the release of the Mercenary Moshpit playlist, alongside 10v10 battles on the Atlas Superstore map.

It also looks like Cranked Kill Confirmed is making a return this week in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

There will also be new cosmetic content added to the in-game store that can be bought with COD points, alongside additional tier discounts for the Battle Pass.

A message from Activision adds: “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with two new bundles in the Store. First make sure your enemies are wearing green and give them a pinch with distinct green tracer rounds courtesy of the Tracer Pack Green bundle. Or go all out with the Clover and Out bundle featuring a host of St. Patrick’s Day themed items.

“Time to shop till you drop…someone. Welcome to Atlas Superstore, your warehouse that houses a little bit of everything: gardening supplies, frozen food, and an all-out battle between the Allegiance in the Coalition during any Multiplayer match.


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“Experience one of the new maps in Season Two in this 24/7 playlist and get the complete lay of the land and tips for mastering this one-stop shop from our Tactical Map Intel, then jump in and clean up the aisles.

“Get more tiers at a discount! Players can purchase one tier for only 100CP starting on March 17 at 10AM PT until March 24 at 10AM PT. If you’re getting tiers, get them now during the limited time Tier Sale.”

Tuesday will also be the day that Infinity Ward could choose to release a number of bug fixes for the new Call of Duty Warzone mode.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new list of tweaks announced as part of the upcoming COD patch notes.

There’s also a chance that Infinity Ward will need a little longer to fix a few of the major bugs, making it hard to gauge what might be included.

Here are a few bugs that Infinity Ward has listed as being fixed in a future update:

  • Players will rarely see full screen black corruption when naturally progressing through the map.
  • Players who are the last to die and attempt to leave the game, they’ll see a ‘your squad can still revive you’ message even though there are no squadmates alive.
  • Players can become stuck in a stow away animation state when a player revives and immediately cancels revive animation.
  • Adjusting when teammates get credit for a kill when they finish off a downed enemy.

When it comes to a Modern Warfare update release time, we would expect the next patch to go live between 5pm and 6pm, GMT, on March 17, 2020.

Further news might also be shared in the coming hours leading up to the new playlist update being released by Activision.

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