Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release date: Here’s when COD Mobile Zombies is coming out

Call of Duty Mobile has proven a big hit with fans across the world and this week will see one of its first major updates launched.

The game has already been patched several times, but most COD Mobile fans will already know why the next one will be special.

Not only will there be plenty of changes made to the game, a new map released and a second season of loot included, but there’s also a big new mode coming out.

This week will see the official Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode release happen on Android and iOS devices.

Missing since launch, COD Mobile Zombies will provide another reason for fans to download and play the new mobile game.

And fans can be sure that the big update planned for this week will include plenty of stuff for Battle Pass players to enjoy, including new gear and cosmetics to collect.


The Call of Duty Mobile development team has confirmed that the official COD Mobile Zombies release date has been set for Friday, November 22.

They have also revealed that this new mode will be launching during Pacific Time, meaning it won’t be available at midnight in the UK.

The earliest gamers will be able to play in Europe will be around 8am, GMT, and that’s if everything kicks off at midnight PT.

Other COD developers wait until around 6pm GMT before launching their latest content, and this could be the same for Call of Duty Mobile.

Whatever is being planned, there’s a good chance we will learn more about Zombies launch day, November 22, in the coming days.

Whatever does happen, fans should be prepared to update their COD Mobile game on November 22, before gaining access to Zombies Mode.

And when it comes to the Battle Pass, it appears that won’t be available to use until next week, on November 25.

“Last week we were thrilled to see you share in our excitement about upcoming content and zombies mode!” a message from the COD MObile team explains.

“Not only is that on the way this month, but as you may have noticed the current Battle Pass is nearing its end and that means a brand one is just around the corner.

“That new Battle Pass will be filled with new loot, new gear, and plenty of ways to make you stand-out or blend in, on the battlefield.

“On top of that, there will be a variety of new content coming out around that same update, like controller support, new limited-time modes, and a new classic map.

“Lastly, we didn’t forget about zombies mode! We are happy to announce that it is releasing on November 22nd (PST) alongside some other amazing content that we’ll be talking about next week.”

According to the latest reports, Call of Duty Mobile will contain two different modes, one of which will be called Survival.

Battling waves of the Undead will be part of the gameplay of one of these modes, although Activision has not provided a full announcement yet.

So most of this remains rumours for the time being.

It should also be noted that the launch of the new Zombies mode will be followed with the release of a Double XP weekend.

This will be available on November 23 and 24, during which time Double Weapon XP will make it possible level up your weapons twice as fast.

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