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Bungie is reworking Destiny 2’s Solar subclasses next season

In Bungie’s weekly blog post, the studio revealed several class updates ahead of Destiny 2’s ninth season. For Season of Dawn — which starts Dec. 10 — Bungie is reworking three Solar subclasses: Titan’s Code of the Devastator, Hunter’s Way of the Sharpshooter, and Warlock’s Attunement of Sky.

Each of these subclasses will see a mix of new perks and quality-of-life improvements for old perks.

Way of the Sharpshooter


Way of the Sharpshooter is actually one of the Hunter’s most useful classes in raids and difficult activities — but only with the help of the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic helmet. These new subclass updates should add some usefulness outside of the Exotic helmet.

Here are the new abilities and reworks:

  • Weighted Knife is a new melee attack for Code of the Sharpshooter Hunters. The knife winds up for a moment before thrown, and deals increased damage to enemy heads. Precision kills in PvE, and one-shot precision kills in PvP, instantly recharge the ability.
  • The Practice Makes Perfect buff for getting headshots lasts longer than before, and stacks faster.
  • The new Knock ’em Down ability allows precision kills to increase weapon stability and aim-down-sight speed. The timer for the ability starts at just 10 seconds, but players can increase the time up to 25 seconds with additional kills. The Golden Gun Super gains bonus damage if Knock ’em Down is over 20 seconds (the bonus damage doesn’t apply with Celestial Nighthawk on).
  • Line ’em Up allows Golden Gun to deal headshot damage, and causes precision hits with Golden Gun to spawn Orbs of Light (a combination of two old perks).

Code of the Devastator


Code of the Devastator — also known as the Titan’s “big hammer” ability — will mostly see an increase to damage and a reduction in Super energy costs.

Here are the new abilities and reworks:

  • Throwing Hammer deals more damage than before, and is easier to pick up from the ground.
  • The Roaring Flame buff — activated from killing enemies with Solar abilities — deals increased damage. This increase is much higher in PvP.
  • The Burning Maul Super now lasts 28.5 seconds, up from 21.2 seconds. The light attacks take less Super energy than before, and the heavy attacks can sense airborne enemies.

Attunement of Sky


Bungie is readjusting Attunement of Sky to create a more aerial play style for Guardians. However, the studio did note it’s nerfing the Burst Glide speed while in Dawnblade.

Here are the new abilities and reworks:

  • Celestial Fire is a new melee ability for Attunement of Sky. Activating it sends out three explosive Solar projectiles from the Warlock.
  • Heat Rises is a new passive that lets Attunement of Sky Guardians consume their grenade for a buff. While in the air, Glide time is significantly longer with the Heat Rises buff active, and weapons are more accurate in the air.
  • Winged Sun allows Guardians to fire weapons, use Celestial Fire, and throw grenades without deactivating Glide. Killing an enemy in the air grants melee energy and extends Heat Rises.
  • Icarus Dash is a midair dash that sends Attunement of Sky Guardians much farther than before. It costs less Super Energy while Heat Rises is active.

Bungie also clarified that the Wings of Sacred Dawn Exotic now reduces damage in the air while the Tomb of Dawn Exotic perk is active.

All of these changes should help create a more diverse Destiny landscape, where players can choose multiple different subclasses and still play optimally.

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