Monday, 26 Feb 2024

British Esports Association partners with epic.LAN Business Services

Grassroots-focused esports organisation, the British Esports Association, has partnered with epic.LAN Business Services.

epic.LAN Business Services offers technical services for UK esports events, and it will support the British Esports Championships. This includes utilising its in-house platform for the tournament, and providing a “fully managed service” including league operations.

The British Esports Championships will kick off on October 10th, lasting for two seasons. The first season will run for eight weeks, whereas the second leg will commence in 2019. If enough registrants enter, the competition will be split into regional divisions.

Andy Payne OBE, Chair for British Esports Association discussed the partnership in a statement: “It’s great to be partnering with a company with the pedigree of epic.LAN, who are very well-regarded and experienced in UK esports. We know we can rely on them to produce a brilliant tournament platform and look forward to seeing the British Esports Championships in action.”

The British Esports Association has also partnered with the Association of Colleges Sport and Twitch Student for the championships, which is aimed at students aged between 12-19 years old. Three games will be played in the tournament, but League of Legends is the only titled to be announced at this time.

Jon Winkle, Managing Director of epic.LAN also commented: “We’re very excited to be involved in this stage of the British Esports Championships both as a software provider and hands-on partner delivering league operations support. Our platform has been written with our 15 years of tournament delivery experience in mind, it’s designed to make the lives of esports staff as easy as possible so that they can focus on the people elements of delivering a tournament, rather than data entry.

“Because of the way our system is designed and deployed, we’re able to offer a completely separate white-label version of our system for the Championships, with key modifications made to satisfy safeguarding and GDPR requirements, which are especially important with young people involved in this project.”

Esports Insider says: British Esports Association is supporting grassroots esports in the UK with the British Esports Championships, and epic.LAN has done well supporting amateur players in its history, so this partnership feels natural and should be beneficial for both parties.

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