Monday, 26 Feb 2024

British Esports Association launches British Esports Championships

The British Esports Association has announced a new tournament for schools and colleges, the British Esports Championships.

The tournament is a result of British Esports Association’s partnership with Twitch Student and AoC Sport. If enough registrations are made, it will be split into regional divisions.

This new competition is aimed at students from 12-19 years of age, with each school or college involved being allowed to compete in three games – the only title to be announced as of now is League of Legends.

Mark “Garvey” Candella, Twitch Director of Strategic Partnerships discussed the tournament: “The British Esports Association and Twitch Student program share a belief in the ability of students to grasp the entrepreneurial spirit inherent in gaming and esports, while applying their education in new and innovative ways. The combination of passion and education can only lead to more opportunities for themselves and this exciting industry. We are proud to work with the British Esports Association on helping students realise their potential through the practical experience this program creates.”

AoC Sport will offer management and oversight of the British Esports Championships through the College Esports committee – this committee is in place to make sure that esports is managed appropriately in colleges.

Marcus Kingwell, Managing Director of AoC Sport commented: “We see esports as a route to engaging inactive students in colleges and encouraging them to engage in physical activity. We’re delighted to be working with the British Esports Association as part of the College Esports committee, ensuring that esports is properly managed in colleges and is part of a balanced lifestyle alongside education and physical activity.”

The British Esports Championships will commence on October 10th, running for two season: the first of which will last for eight weeks while allowing for half term breaks. The second season will kick off in 2019. 

Andy Payne OBE, Chair of British Esports Association added: “It’s fantastic to be teaming up with Twitch Student and AoC Sport and to have the backing of organisations well engrained in both gaming and college sports. We look forward to growing the British Esports Championships together.”

British Esports Association partnered with Twitch Student to helps to teach how to stream so that friends and family of those competing can watch the action on Twitch.

Esports Insider says: Helping to bring esports to schools and colleges all across Britain is a great move from the not-for-profit, and teaming up with Twitch Student to aid in streaming can help prepare students for that side of gaming, too! We’re excited to see the British Esports Championships get underway.

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