Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Borderlands 3 New Limited-Time Event Makes It Easier Than Ever To Grab Legendary Loot

Gearbox has been steadily raising overall power level of Borderlands 3 with events that offer more generous drops and level cap increases. Still, you may be missing out on some high-level gear, so the developer–just after the release of the Lovecraft-themed Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC–has made it easier than ever to get great loot for a limited time. Until April 2, you can just buy it.

A “Door Busters Mini Event” in the game adds legendary weapons and items to vending machines. That applies across all types of gear, so you can get legendary mods and shields from med vending machines, and legendary grenades from ammo vendors, in addition to legendary guns.

Some legendary items are one-of-a-kind collectibles with special properties, which you can usually tell if the name of the gear makes some kind of reference to another piece of Borderlands lore or even other video games. Others are just super-charged versions of epic or rare guns with stronger stats or more modifiers. Note that some special legendaries are locked to story missions, and as a result probably can’t be found in vending machines. As usual for vending machines, the gear offered will be roughly matched to your current level, so the higher your stats the better loot you can buy.

This comes just after the release of the latest DLC, which came with a level cap increase. That increased the level cap to 57, which allows you to unlock two capstone skills. Gearbox has said it expects this to significantly raise the overall power level of players who are making their way through endgame content like Mayhem levels. With this limited-time event, you’ll be able to get some shiny new guns to match.

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