Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Baby Yoda Plush, Funko Pops, Puzzles, And More Are Available For Pre-Order

Sure, The Mandalorian is great and all, but let’s admit that the real star of the show is Baby Yoda. That’s not its real name, mind you (so far it’s only been officially dubbed “The Child,”) but the adorable little creature has captured the hearts of millions of fans overnight nonetheless.

Like many, one of the first thoughts that popped into my mind when I saw Baby Yoda for the first time was: I need a Baby Yoda plush. Unfortunately, Disney obviously didn’t anticipate the overwhelmingly positive response to the little guy, because Baby Yoda toys won’t be ready for the holidays. However, you can pre-order Baby Yoda toys and Funko Pops right now and pick up some shirts and accessories while you wait.

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Best Baby Yoda toys, Funko Pops, apparel, and more

Baby Yoda plush | $25

The most important Baby Yoda toy revealed so far, this vinyl head plush from Mattel is expected to release on May 25, 2020. Yes, that’s a considerable wait, but it doesn’t hurt to pre-order now. Though it has a vinyl head, its body is soft and it has a “sturdy base filled with beans.” This plush really captures Baby Yoda’s cuteness.

Baby Yoda Funko Pop | $9

One of Baby Yoda’s best moments in The Mandalorian so far was when he used the Force to save Mando. He’s the using the Force as a Funko Pop, but naturally his eyes are open. Also, Baby Yoda’s big eyes perfectly align with the beady eyes of Funko Pops, don’t they?

Release dates for the Baby Yoda Funko Pop are all over the place, with Amazon listing delivery by May 15, 2020, Disney listing May 13, and GameStop listing a much earlier date of March 24. And an email from Disney stated the Funko Pop is expected to start shipping in February 2020. Regardless of when it will actually arrive, some Funko Pops become rather rare, so it makes sense to pre-order now. Walmart is selling the Baby Yoda Funko Pop for the lowest price, but pre-order seem to be sold out at the moment. Amazon has it for just $.22 more, however.

Baby Yoda 10-inch Funko Pop | $29.96

Though technically one of the super-sized 10-inch Funko Pops, let’s agree to call this Big Baby Yoda. You have to decide if Big Baby Yoda is worth more than three times the price of the regular Funko.

Baby Yoda puzzle | $11

The precious shot of Mando carrying Baby Yoda is commemorated in this 500-piece puzzle from Buffalo Games. It releases on December 30.

Baby Yoda T-shirt | $23

Anything with Baby Yoda’s face on it should be a slam dunk, but most of the official Mandalorian shirts featuring the young Force-wielder have been pretty bad. This shirt is at least decent.

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