Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Baby Yoda Is Now In The Sims 4 On PC, But It's Not The Baby Yoda We're Looking For

The Sims 4 has added Baby Yoda as an item, and it’s now available in ‘Buy’ mode. But there’s a catch: you’re not buying a real, gurgling, lovable baby for your Sims to care for and love. Instead, Baby Yoda is available to purchase as a statue, a silent, non-moving reminder of The Mandalorian’s breakout star/puppet. The statue, which was noticed by Sims VIP, is available in PC patch and Mac patch, and should come to consoles soon too.

The item, called ‘The Child Statue,’ costs 504 Simoleons, and the description notes that the little guy is popularly referred to as ‘Baby Yoda,’ despite not being Yoda. It’s a “lovable replica,” not the child itself.

The Child is not mentioned explicitly in the patch notes, so its inclusion comes as something of a surprise. It might not be the real thing, but there’s nothing stopping you from adding these statues to all of your Sims’ homes now.

Meanwhile, you can preorder your own Baby Yoda now, including a plush model. What’s better than a replica Baby Yoda in your Sims home? A real Baby Yoda replica in your real home.

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