Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Apex Legends Permanently Brings Back Duos, Kings Canyon

Apex Legends is about to make a ton of fans extremely happy. Respawn Entertainment recently announced that both “Duos mode” and “Kings Canyon” will be making a permanent return to the popular battle royale shooter. Both will coincide with a new event, titled “The Old Ways,” that launches on April 7, 2020.

This event focuses on character Bloodhound and delves into his past a bit. A new 10-minute trailer provides the basis for what this limited-time mode will be. “Bloodhound’s Trials” will take over the northwest portion of “World’s Edge” and pit players against a horde of prowlers. You’ll have the chance to nab some high-tier loot, though you’ll also open yourself up to retaliation from other players.

If that wasn’t enough, Apex Legends will be receiving a slew of new cosmetic options based on the event. There are some exclusive legendary and rare skins alongside the return of the “Legendary Hunt” skins. The latter will be available for immediate purchase while the event-specific ones will have to be earned.

All of that is just icing on the cake for what a lot of Apex players truly wanted: permanent additions. Fans have been asking for duos to make a return and it seems Respawn is happy to oblige.

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