Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – These Bugs & Fish Will Leave Your Island At The End Of March

One of the most identifiable traits of the Animal Crossing series is how it adheres to your system’s internal clock. Basically simulating real-life, players can experience a full 24-hour period if they sit around and do nothing. That’s not just for show, though, as certain events and critters will only become available during specific periods.

This mostly concerns the various bugs and fish that populate your island. As with past installments, certain creatures will leave your island in accordance to their real-life counterparts. Salmon, for instance, only spawn in September and will be available all month, mirroring what the actual fish does.

If you’re not manipulating the internal clock on your Switch, then you’ll likely want to know which bugs and fish will be leaving at the end of the month. Thankfully, March is pretty light on things taking a leave. Since it is the start of spring, you’ll likely find that more things become available as we enter April. At any rate, be on the lookout for these particular faunae until the end of March.


  • Stringfish: Available 4 pm – 9 am in high elevation rivers.
  • Bitterling: Available all day in rivers.
  • Yellow Perch: Available all day in rivers.
  • Sea Butterfly: Available all day in oceans.
  • Sturgeon: Available all day at river mouths (where it dumps into the ocean).
  • Football Fish: Available 4 pm – 9 am in oceans.


  • Emperor Butterfly: Available 7 pm – 7 am everywhere. Look for the blue butterfly.

If you’re having any particular trouble with getting certain fish -namely the Sturgeon-, make sure to craft some fish bait. We have a guide that will help you with that. Once done, you’ll just need to be patient and keep fishing. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon the rarer breeds.

As you can see, nothing leaving this month is particularly difficult to obtain. You’ve likely found the majority of these on your first day while trying to unlock Blathers’ tent. I know I’ve run into a ton of Emperor Butterflies and I’m not even specifically looking for them. Sometimes you’re falling over certain bugs and fish.

Still, if you haven’t yet caught any of these, make plans to do so…or resort to time-skipping.

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