Monday, 4 Mar 2024

American Heart Association Employs AR for its Kids Heart Challenge Fundraising Programme

Augmented reality (AR) technology has plenty of diverse use cases such as entertainment, education or travel information. The American Heart Association has also seen its potential as it looks to boost the fundraising experience for students taking part in the Kids Heart Challenge.

Partnering with Charity Dynamics and AR development and consulting agency Rock Paper Reality (RPR), the American Heart Association looked to mobilize the youth market via its peer-to-peer fundraising program.

The Kids Heart Challenge allows students to learn about the heart and help raise money by unlocking and sharing AR experiences based on earning points and achieving fundraising goals in competition with others. The immersive content included AR Face Filters, an AR coloring book, AR tattoos, and an interactive AR videogame.

“The increased student engagement through the augmented reality features has been encouraging to see,” said Paisley Payton, the national youth market strategic director for the American Heart Association in a statement. “Using gamification, students are now excited to participate and are able to learn heart-healthy tips, while fundraising. Mobile devices and interacting with augmented reality features are already second nature to today’s youth – by introducing these features as part of the Kids Heart Challenge mobile app, we’re providing our students a way to fundraise that’s natural to them.”

“3D augmented reality content can tell a story in a way 2D media cannot, yet many brands remain confused about how best to capitalize on the opportunity and integrate the technology to drive real value,” adds Patrick Johnson, CEO of RPR. “By incorporating immersive storytelling experiences together with 3D photo-realism, RPR was able to breathe new life into the Kids Heart Challenge app and have helped them boost fundraising, recruitment, engagement and revenue.”

Figures released by the American Heart Association state that the app was made available to over 15 million kids across the US with an adoption rate of 50 percent amongst registered students and 30 percent of online donations coming from the mobile app.

Students can download the Kids Heart Challenge for either Android or iOS devices.

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