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10 Tips To Dominating Face Off In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

In an age where battle royale modes are dominating the multiplayer space, fans of smaller-scale matches are incredibly thankful to Call of Duty for still providing more haphazard, arcade-like action. While Warzone may be most of the conversation surrounding the series’ competitive offerings, modes like Gunfight and Face Off offer the opposite experience.

The latter in particular is a new addition to 2020’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The three on three action on minuscule maps makes for an entirely different Call of Duty experience, with hectic action more reminiscent of Timesplitters than the military shooter. Because it is a whole different beast, you will also need a new set of tactics to best opponents. The ten tips below, ranging from advice for loadouts to maneuvers during matches, should help you obtain the upper hand in most encounters.

10 Gallo SA 12

The shotgun is not quite as useful in the regular multiplayer suite as it was in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot. However, the smaller maps in this mode means more close range combat. If you play on Hardcore, any shotgun will be a one hit kill from a fairly decent range. With this in mind, you can dominate a whole match with just the shotgun. Once you reach level 34, we recommend equipping the Gallo SA 12, which fires semi-automatic rounds. The only drawback is the long reload animation, but it is less of an issue when most enemies die in one hit.

9 Play With Friends

On larger game modes squad tactics are not quite as integral to victory, especially for Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed. However, with only two teammates, smart coordination can mean the difference between triumphant victory and agonizing defeat. It should not be too difficult to find two friends with whom you can jump into games. This comes in handy more during the Domination rounds, where you can quickly take over a zone with their help and make sure the enemy does not reclaim it.

8 The RPG

Sometimes a wacky mode like this requires a wacky arsenal. Equipping an RPG is not always a bad idea. With small maps, it is difficult for enemies to run away from explosions, making accuracy less important. If you are playing on Hardcore mode, almost any contact with the blast radius results in immediate death. Just be careful not to kill your friends while you are at it, because friendly fire is on in Hardcore.

7 Shoot Around Corners

Ammunition is not as much of an issue in this mode, because you are liable to die long before you have to reload. Another issue is how quickly you bite it just turning a corner. To get the upper hand in these brief moments, start shooting before the enemy is even in your sights. It will save your butt where otherwise your reflexes might not have been sufficient enough to pull the trigger first when you see the enemy.

6 Go For Two Out Of Three In Domination

Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed are not the only two modes in Face Off; Domination also jumps into the playlist. It is not only about killing people in the latter mode. Instead of just going for eliminations, you have to capture three zones one the map to score for your team.

The longer you hold these positions, the more points you earn. Because only two other teammates are with you, holding all three positions may prove quite difficult. It is better to go for two out of three points and hold these firmly.

5 Use Smoke Grenades In Domination

In the elimination based modes, Flash Bangs will serve you well. Disorienting players give you the moment you need to take them out. However, Domination requires a slightly different arsenal. We recommend using Smoke Grenades when capturing a spot on the map. Lay one down inside the area and go prone. Usually bullets will miss you and by the time the enemy locates you the base will already be yours. In Hardcore, you can generally kill enemies through the smoke with just a few lucky shots while defending a zone.

4 Semtex Over Frag Grenades

In Face Off it is normal to not even live more than five seconds before taking a bullet. With this in mind, a normal Frag Grenade’s timer is too long to be of any use. Semtex, on the other hand, will definitely suffice in providing some explosive goodness during any single life. Its ability to stick is also extremely helpful. Like with the RPG, be weary about friendly fire. Given the size of the maps, it is easy to get a kill just from randomly throwing it down a hallway.

3 Tracker Perk

With the fast-paced nature of these modes, some perks are more useful than others, while some are almost unnecessary.

There is wiggle room, but ultimately we would recommend using the Tracker perk, which highlights enemy footsteps. With this, you can at least know if you are on the tail of the enemy team. No one likes getting shot in the back, but there is no honor in a Call of Duty match.

2 Keep Moving

No one likes campers. While staying idle might net some kills in any other game mode, it is a less sound strategy here. For one, the maps are so small that killing somebody by hiding in a corner usually works only the one time, because they quickly catch on to your scheme and will put an end to it quickly. Secondly, spawn locations switch up so fast, enemies will quickly end up behind you or using a different entrance to a room, and one person can only cover so much ground.

1 Shoot From The Hip

Call of Duty innovated upon first-person shooters by making aiming down the sights an almost mandatory part of the experience. However, in Face Off you are better served most ignoring ADS for most of the match. Especially in hardcore mode, you can kill quickly with just a few short bursts from the hip. With a shotgun you can even net eliminations from far away without utilizing ADS.

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