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10 Things That Make No Sense In Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck expands on the Among Us formula with brand-new roles, game modes, mechanics, and map hazards that bring the game closer to Trouble In Terrorist Town from Garry's Mod. Everything in the game has some silly quirk, from the ducks wearing zippered goose suits to the Canadian Geese being so wholesome that their killers self-report from the guilt.

But Goose Goose Duck's humorous elements can sometimes come at the expense of logic in the whyof its mechanics. Balancing the humorous and logical is an art even in the most off-the-wall comedy games, because stakes are the lifeblood of any compelling game — sometimes that just comes in the form of consistent inconsistency.

10 Where Is The Demolitionist Keeping Their Bombs?

The Demolitionist Duck's role is to attach bombs to non-duck roles in order to blow them up (or anyone the bomb gets passed to) a short time later. What's particularly confusing about this role is that it never runs out of explosives: where does the Demolitionist keep this boundless bank of bombs?

You might be thinking, "other roles have items that they don't run out of over the course of the game, why is the Demolitionist special?" But roles like the Sheriff and the Bodyguard, who have guns, can plausibly hide them and the small bullets they can use in a game. The Demolitionist would have to be able to hold on to around 15 bombs at the maximum, which is quite the load to hide.

9 How Do The Ducks Hide Their Zippers And Felt?

This is one of the silliest things to consider when thinking about Goose Goose Duck — why don't the geese immediately notice the stitches and zipper running up the body and face of these suspicious spies? In game, the stitches become immediately obvious during kill cutscenes, but they disappear during the normal task-completing gameplay.

In Among Us, the reason why crewmates can't visually see which of them is an imposter is that the imposter is a shapeshifting alien creature, not unlike the titular monster of The Thing. It makes sense that we wouldn't be able to see their suits in gameplay, as the mystery is the main mechanic, but you can certainly do better than "just because".

8 Why Does The Dodo Win By Getting Voted Off?

You might think that the Dodo's goal of getting voted off the ship makes sense to its real-world history; in real life, the dodo was a species of bird that quickly went extinct once their secluded island was discovered by colonists. So what's the problem? The issue is in the nature of the Dodo's goal.

The issue is that the Dodo wants to get voted off, meaning they want to be confused for something else in order to win. But that's not the way the Dodo went; the Dodo's issue was that it was trusting of humans due to the lack of predation on their island. The Dodo would better fit a role that wants to be killed by a duck, which would require getting alone with a duck, or being trusting of a predator.

7 How Does The Mimic Goose Only Appear As A Duck To Ducks?

The Mimic Goose manages to be a duck to ducks and a goose to geese, but the way it manages this optical illusion is a mystery even to Criss Angel. The ducks snuck in as geese to make a mess of their space program, and so the assumption is that they can tell who isn't a goose because they came in together. What is the telltale sign that allows a duck to think a goose is a duck in a goose suit?

It becomes even more confusing because of the name, which implies that the goose physically impersonates a Duck, something you again couldn't tell through the suits that they're wearing. Perhaps this goose is just an ugly duckling?

6 Why Does The Pelican Have So Much Stomach Space?

The Pelican's ability is strange without any complications, but what's really curious about them is that they can hold something like 13 players in their stomachs with them all still alive inside. It would make even a little sense if they just digested their prey quickly, but the Pelican can be busted open like a pinata to release every single person that they ate during the game.

The Pelican's stomach is large enough to hold an intimate get-together and apparently possesses little to no digestive ability at all. How can the Pelican survive, let alone exist in the first place?

5 How Does Everyone Find Out That The Celebrity Is Dead?

This question is mostly applicable to maps that are in space, because the news of the celebrity's death could semi-plausibly be sent through a connection in terrestrial locations– how, when the geese and ducks are in a closed system, do they get a rapid notification that the Celebrity has died?

The first thought you might have is that the ground crew of geese saw it and reported it through a connection between the planet and the ship. The problem with this theory is that the killer could also be seen, which would make it weird that they both don't report the killer and also that they don't report any other death. Maybe they're having fun watching the action?

4 Does The Avenger Just… Forget Everything Every Ten Seconds?

The Avenger is a goose type that can take immediate revenge on the perpetrator of any kill move in the game for ten seconds. The question is, why would the Avenger just forgive and forget ten seconds after they witnessed a brutal murder right in front of their eyes?

It would be even worse if the Avenger didn't forget, but instead just lost the rage that gave them the power to take their vengeance. These avians are running through the five stages of grief faster than Usain Bolt would be run out of a youth track competition.

3 Why Is The Undertaker The Only Duck That Thinks To Move Bodies?

This one would be pretty obvious to any killer; why not just move the bodies? There's nothing stopping any of the other ducks from hiding the body in one of the many places around the ship. If the goal is to kill without getting caught, this would be the best way to cover your tracks.

It's possible that most ducks are afraid that they're going to get trackable blood on them, but even that doesn't make sense. Does that mean that the Undertaker has the magical power of owning a pair of gloves? Given that half of the time you're playing on some sort of spaceship, it's unlikely that gloves would be in short supply.

2 Why Does The Pigeon Lose Progress Every Meeting?

How does sickness work in Goose Goose Duck? The Pigeon can spend the entire time infecting geese and ducks alike, just to have their progress reset at the next meeting. You could spend the entire round without having a single meeting, only to have one tiny meeting near the end and have your progress reset. Do they distribute antivirals for fun at the meeting table?

What makes this even worse is that the Pigeon can re-infect anyone (necessary, since otherwise, they couldn't win) meaning that other avians have both the most powerful and weakest immune systems in the universe. It's even worse to realize that the Pigeon can't infect a Pelican from the inside.

1 Why Can The Warlock Only Use Locusts?

The Warlock is one of the more interesting roles to play in Goose Goose Duck; they're able to fill rooms on the ship with locusts that will kill the inhabitants if they don't clear out in a requisite amount of time. But why is this the only trick in their arsenal?

The Warlock's name is supposed to point to magic transporting the locusts into their intended room, but unless they're somehow keeping an infinite amount of locust eggs and just throwing them towards vents in the vague hope they're reaching their target. If this warlock is strong enough to bring this level of carnage, why not learn a spell to close a door?

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