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10 Best fitness video games to help you lose weight and enjoy exercise at home

It turns out that you can play videogames and still stay in shape. The obvious way to do this is to do push-ups every time you die in Dark Souls, Sekiro or another similar masochistic game by the team at FromSoftware.

Then laugh maniacally as you snap your controller in two.

The less obvious way to do this is to invest in some bonafide fitness games.

Yes, you heard us correctly. Games that are actually designed to make you healthy. They exist, and they're pretty damn good.

So, in order to help assist you in this geeky fitness journey, here are some games worth getting off the sofa for. Ideally to be played, just in front of the sofa and still directly in front of the telly.

But also just close enough that you can fall backwards onto the sofa, when you're absolutely knackered.

1. Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo are sneaky. They've managed to find a way to hide a fitness game inside a robust fun-packed RPG. Those two genre's dont sound like they should work, but it's surprising the perfect gateway to fitness for gamers.

The game’s constantly introducing new mechanics to keep things fresh, even with the same kind of movement. You’re not just performing squats, you’re opening treasure chests, bouncing on trampolines, even powering a minecart.

Despite the focus on the adventure side, you can actually just work on no-frills sets, combining individual sets to customise your own workout, or get friends and family involved in some wacky mini-games.

2. BoxVR

Your very own in-home virtual reality boxercise routine with a variety of choreographed routines to pick from.

There's also a rather nifty calorie counter to give you some sort of rough guide to tell you how much you've burned.

The only drawback, much like a regular gym we guess, is that there are only three environments to conduct your many workouts, meaning you might start to get a bit dreary looking at the same walls.

Overall though, this is a top-quality workout if you've got the VR kit (PSVR / SteamVR or Oculus Quest) to hand.

3. Just Dance

Just Dance isn't just the best intro to a E3 press conference, but also a pretty damn fine game, by yourself or with friends. It also gets you up and embarrassing yourself, uh, I mean moving. With a huge selection of songs to dad dance to and a wide array of cool and funky fresh moves to make, how could you not want to play this lit game?

Yeah, youth speak. Seriously though, it's a good game for sweating it out.

4. Fitness Boxing

This is probably the best game on the Switch for a pure exercise routine and quite possibly one of the best games on any console for it. It takes you through different workouts and lets you customise your workouts based on different aims. It even tracks the calories you have been burning too. It is a truly great game for working out at home and should be very high on your list.

7. VirZOOM

This comes with a full-sized exercise bike. I mean, that probably says enough about the level of commitment this game demands from you.

If you really want to sink some money in and get the most out of a game, then this is the one for you.

8. Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey

We'll be the first to admit that is an incredibly odd game.

You hold poses in order to allow the character in the game to cross the levels.

It is a bit like yoga but in a very unprofessional way.

It's fun though and is a nice gentle intro into the world of fitness in gaming.

9. Zumba Burn it up

Fan of Zumba? Well, it's that. Sorry, there's no hard sell here. The headline kind of says it all. You get a Just Dance style game with 30 pre-set classes available to whip you into shape and over 30 Songs to dance with.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or someone experienced looking to try something a bit different, because you can pick and choose the intensity of your workout.

Like Ronseal wood stain, it does what it says on the box.

10. Shape Up

This lesser-known title has a huge variety of different games to play and each of them delivers a different kind of workout.

This is very much a game that focusses more on exercise than being a game, but you will get better results thanks to that.

If you want something to sink your teeth into while getting your gains, then this is it.

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