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Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5: 75-61 #WWRv5 – Daily Esports

Daily Esports is proud to partner with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank team once again to present the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5 (WWRv5)! The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank rates 75 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive online scene.

When the coronavirus pandemic brought offline tournaments to a halt, the Smash Ultimate community migrated entirely online. This has resulted in the most stacked season in WWR history. Before even reaching our top 50, we will see multiple household names on today’s list.

WWRv5: 75-61

There’s no better way to begin our plunge into the WWRv5 than with Kiyarash “GamingHI9x9” Younessi. GamingHI9x9 is a young Luigi specialist who made waves in his first full season of competitive Ultimate. He first put himself on the map with a 33rd place finish at Soaked Series Invitational, and built off those performances as the season went on. This culminated in a blazing finish to the season, placing 9th at S-tier Rev it Up 2020 and 4th at B-tier Steal the Show #4. Between the two, he picked up wins on Frido, Sharp, and Yez.

With a mastery of Luigi’s deadly combos, and finding never-ending joy in landing them, GamingHI9x9 is among the deadliest foes to line up against. There’s no telling where his still-young career will take him. But you can bet he’ll keep climbing higher, one zero-to-death at a time.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

The first member of the DK crew is here at No. 74 on the WWR, and his name is Rylan “ChunkyKong” Silva. As one of the most active Wi-Fi players the community has seen, ChunkyKong amassed several impressive wins this season, alongside some solid placements at large events. He won sets against prominent veteran threats like Lights (formerly known as king_chris), Pelca, and Sharp.

With additional wins against notable names such as Epic_Gabriel, LingLing, and SKITTLES!!, it is no doubt that ChunkyKong deserves to be represented among the best. ChunkyKong also placed within the top 12 of Rev It Up 2020 and Every Joe For Himself, as well as acquiring a bronze medal for TNS: Pandemic Monthly 3. Be sure to keep an eye on this player as he continues to climb the vines to the top.

Written by: Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakhanian | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

New Jersey’s top Bowser player made very few forays into online play this season. Nevertheless, when David “SSG | LeoN” Leon did show up, he made it count. The highlights of LeoN’s season came in two impressive runs to top 16 at S-tier events. At the Quarantine Series Minor, LeoN defeated FlashBlaziken, Pelca, and LingLing en route to a 13th place finish. He repeated the feat at UNW #12, beating Ravenking and Epic_Gabriel to place 13th yet again.

An X-Factor of +21 shows there is little doubt that, should LeoN continue to compete at Wi-Fi events, he will continue to find success at them. Online or offline, LeoN remains a force to be reckoned with.

Written by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Hammering his way into the No. 72 spot, Julian “Frido Bastias makes his first Wi-Fi Warrior Rankings appearance on the WWRv5. As Chile’s No. 1 player, this Mr. Game and Watch main is definitely someone to watch out for. This was perhaps best demonstrated in his run at The Online Olympus. After being disqualified in winners side of phase 2 pools, Frido made a legendary losers run that saw him win a shocking eight sets to parachute into 5th place.

Frido had another strong showing at S-tier event Collision Online. There, he bucketed wins on Gen and LeeT after losing the ditto to Maister 1-2. His strongest showing, however, came at Rev It Up 2020, where he defeated Peabnut, Mr. E, and Sharp to secure a 13th place finish. Hopefully we’ll see Frido Up-B-out-of-shield his way to even greater heights and continue putting his name and country on the map in future seasons.

Written by: Michael “Deathyrus” Garcia | Edited by:  Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Cruising to the No. 71 spot, “Haven” makes his debut as the first ever Wario main on the WWR. His strongest result was at the C-tier TNS: Pandemic Monthly. There, Haven took out SNooFL and MiLe, eventually losing to JW 1-3 for 4th place out of 352 entrants.

Although he bit off more than he could chew against JW that time, he got his revenge at the Hitpoint Online Tournament. At this B-tier, Haven outplaced players such as Riddles, BestNess, and 8BitMan, while beating JW in the runback 2-0. Despite losing to Grayson and ShinyMark, Haven was able to find his safe haven at 7th place out of 512 entrants. If we continue to gas this fella up, we’ll be sure to see him clap and slap opponents some more in the future!

Written by: Michael “Deathyrus” Garcia | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Robin main Angel Nunez’ angelic presence may just be the biggest shock for some on today’s WWRv5 reveal. With a staggering +47 X-Factor score and astounding wins at two S-tiers, it’s no surprise people believe him to be a better player than his ranking indicates. Angel’s a bit of an odd case in that many of his best performances were at subscriber only tournaments that were excluded from the WWR. Nonetheless, his performances at S-tiers showed his caliber as someone whose play is worth hitting the books to study.

His string of solid results begin at The Box in May, where he Noseferatued wins over players such as Regi Shikimi, Middy, and Prodigy to earn a 17th place finish. A month later at UNW #12, he reached an impressive 9th place, defeating Ned and Samsora back-to-back. Angel is definitely one of the most intriguing names and electric threats on this season’s ranking. Perhaps his most impressive feat was his 3rd place finish at Fights for Rights, where he netted a win on Sonix. Despite only taking 70th place this season, his peaks prove he is a talented player to keep an eye on. With higher attendance at WWR tournaments, Angel would almost certainly skyrocket in future rankings.

Written by: Michael “Deathyrus” Garcia | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Ohio’s top Young Link and Roy player has long been at the periphery of top level play, but could never quite secure that breakout performance. Bereft of the opportunity to show off his skills offline, Colin “VNG | colinies” Landals took to Wi-Fi this season. In the process, he scored a series of notable performances that earned him the WWRv5’s coveted No. 69 spot.

At Wi-Fi is SS-tier!, colinies defeated BlueJay, C-, and Atticus to place 5th. A day later, he took down ChunkyKong and LingLing to place 7th at Straight out of Smash Station 2. At The Box, colinies bested players like RatedRudy, M.M.Leo, and Synergy to place 17th at the largest Smash tournament of all time. His strongest performance of the season came at Collision Online, where he defeated Skew, Pandarian, and Bankai to finish 9th. An X-Factor of +12 shows that colinies is on the rise, and he can only go up from here.

Written by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Sure to shock you with his practiced Pikachu, Ryan “Mr.L” R. makes his debut at No. 68 on the WWRv5. His many accomplishments this season included a 1st place finish at F-air Fighting Splatoon Saga, where he defeated ChunkyKong. Coincidentally, he later reprised this exact win and placement at Switched On 2.

Mr.L’s other notable performances included a 4th place finish at ECLIPSE: Dusty_Carpet Edition and a 33rd place finish at the Soaked Series Invitational. A sizable number of unranked losses kept him from appearing any higher. Even so, with 18 events to his name, a player of his caliber was sure to pick up a number of quality wins, such as Pokelam, CptRemix, and RatedRudy. Be wary of this electrifying player in your next online event, lest ye be banished to the loser’s bracket.

Written by: “Dexy” | Edited: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

James “CLG | VoiD” Makekau-Tyson is no stranger to appearing on Smash Ultimate rankings lists. So it should come as no surprise that he made his way onto the WWRv5 after his first foray into the online scene. Impressively, VoiD did so despite entering only three qualified tournaments. This even included the Quarantine Series Major, where he went 0-2 after dropping out of winners and falling to Myran in losers. That should speak volumes about the quality of his other two performances.

VoiD placed 5th at the Soaked Series Invitational with wins over LingLing, Magister, and Seth. He also scored a 17th place finish at the Quarantine Series Minor, where he beat SZB and Aikota. VoiD’s hugely positive X-Factor naturally reflects his incredible skill, showing that the panelists clearly believe he could appear much higher on the next list if he chooses to enter more online events.

Written by: “Dexy” | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

One of the best Robin players both online and in his home country of Mexico, Osvaldo “Whisky” Alvarado makes his WWR debut at No. 66. His best result of the season came at ECLIPSE: Dusty_Carpet Edition. At that tournament, Whisky placed 3rd with wins on Sword, SuperStriker, Sumgai, and more.

Though he did not attend most other S- or A-tier tournaments this season, he more than made up for it with excellent placings at C tiers. One example was at the ECLIPSE: Championship League Finale, where he took down enhancedpv and Atticus for another solid 3rd place finish. As a master of both the bronze medal and the bronze sword, you can be sure to see Whisky rising up the ranks in the future.

Written by: Mitch “TacosBrick” Blake | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

The best solo Snake main in the world only attended four WWRv5 events this season. But when Jestise “TG | MVD” Negron showed up, he showed up. Despite making respectable runs to 65th and 49th at the Quarantine Series Minor and Pound Online, respectively, MVD failed to secure any notable wins. However, MVD stepped it up at his next two events. At the Quarantine Series Major, he defeated Beast, Middy, and Vinny G to place 17th. The very next weekend, MVD defeated Pokelam and scored a coveted win over Sparg0 to place 25th at The Box.

With a 4-2 record against ranked players, MVD is one of the few players in this range to end the season with a positive record against the top 75. Though low attendance and four unranked losses prevented him from ranking any higher this season, his +20 X-Factor shows strong belief that higher attendance will see MVD rise even further.

Written by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Making their third straight appearance on the rankings, Cath “holopup” Collins slots in at No. 64, continuing one of the most consistently solid WWR careers to date. Nowhere is that consistency more evident than in holopup’s major results. They attended eight of this season’s nine S-tier tournaments, and made top 64 at all but one. Across these many events, holopup stacked up victories over sebayee, Justin, Yez, Goblin, and many more.

In a season with tougher competition than ever before, this WWR mainstay found a way to keep shining brighter than the rest. Don’t be surprised to see holopup turning in even more divine performances in the future.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

WWRv3 veteran Dukkha “Sumgai” van Buren has unsurprisingly returned as the WWRv5’s No. 63 in the face of tough competition. This solo Pichu main started off strong in February as he grabbed 3rd place at the B-tier Bolt Battle Monthlies 4. In the process, he secured wins on Sogoodpop and One Crit Man along the way. Sumgai struck again at the Quarantine Series Minor, one of the season’s four maximum-value S-tiers. There, Sumgai took out Toast on his way to 33rd place.

At C-tier events, Sumgai picked up wins on RatedRudy, Capitancito, Laid, The6Master, and Hungrybox as well. After missing the top 50 during the WWRv4 season, one of Ultimate’s finest players had an impressive return to form this season. If there’s some guy you should be worried about facing in your next tournament, it’s probably Sumgai.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

There’s a lot of blue on this year’s rankings, with a veritable army of Sonics charging up the ranks. Anthony “BluStriker” M. starts that charge at No. 62, making his WWR debut after a strikingly impressive season. One of his most impressive showings came at The Box⁠, the biggest event in Smash history⁠. There, he tore through names like Angel and TonyZTank en route to 9th place out of several thousand competitors.

BluStriker also ran through the likes of Br1 AV, Pokelam, and The6Master at other events throughout the season. A veteran of online play, BluStriker is the perfect fit to lead off the WWRv5’s Sonic uprising. As he leaves all his opponents in the dust, BluStriker feels anything but blue.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

While Mortal Kombat may not be his game of choice, that didn’t stop Griffin “Fatality” Miller from wrapping up this section of the WWRv5. One of the faces of the Captain Falcon meta dating back to Smash 4, Fatality has led the charge forward through every step of the way, regardless of the shortcomings of his character. He has continued to push onwards on Wi-Fi, landing an impressive 3rd place finish at UNW #12. Fatality also placed 49th at The Box and 65th at Pound Online.

Throughout his runs, he has defeated BestNess, MkLeo, 8BitMan, Middy, MiLe, and Ravenking, among other talented players. Given his character’s buffs in the recent patch of the game, expect to see Fatality continue to roll through the competition.

Written by: Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakhanian | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Make sure to check back on Wednesday, July 22, as the rankings continue with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5: 60-46!

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