Thursday, 30 Nov 2023

Valve yet to address stutter issues in latest CS:GO patch, despite complaints from community

The developers of CS:GO have yet to introduce a fix for the ongoing micro stutters that cause the game to freeze for a small amount of time. 

The latest CS:GO patch fixed several bugs related to the user interface, but the micro stutters weren’t fixed. The bug went relatively unnoticed for a while until a Reddit post was made two days ago displaying the stutters in action. 

The bug occurs randomly and causes the player’s game to become frozen for a minuscule amount of time before returning to normal, which resulted in micro stutters. It’s clear that this issue is game-related and wasn’t caused by the player’s internet.

After the update went live, Team Liquid CS:GO pro EliGE said yesterday that there were more micro stutters than usual. Since pro players require the highest performance, fixing this bug clearly needs to be a top priority for Valve. 

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