Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Uprising Academy Adds IM37 To The Roster

Boston Uprising’s Overwatch Contenders academy team, Uprising Academy, look to make waves moving forward in North America Contenders after adding former Toronto Defiant player Jin-ui “im37” Hong to the roster heading into week three of Contenders. The former OWL player recently enjoyed a stint with Light Gaming, a Chinese Contenders team, before joining Uprising Academy.

Uprising Academy have had a disastrous start to their 2020 Contenders season, not even making it through trials throughout the first two weeks of the season. They just haven’t been very good and haven’t had the chance to actually compete in the Contenders tournaments to earn points towards their standings for the Season 1 playoffs. They remain one of the few academy teams left in Contenders and the lack of success is disheartening for a franchise that has struggled from the top down for a long time.

IM37 is arguably most well-known for his time with the Toronto Defiant in 2019. While it didn’t work out for him with Toronto, the former OWL player spent a little bit of time with a few North American Contenders teams before Toronto and the speed at which he was called up to the Overwatch League was impressive. If he could help Uprising Academy get out of their hole, he might have a shot at OWL once more.

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