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[Update: They're Back] Destiny 2 Servers Are Down To Roll Out A New Patch

Destiny 2’s servers are back online after Bungie rolled out a new update to squash some bugs that have plagued the Season of the Worthy. Unfortunately, that patch didn’t fix the bug that has broken Destiny 2’s latest story quest, The Lie–Bungie is still working on that one.

Hotfix was planned before Bungie released The Lie and players discovered the bug that breaks its final mission, “The Tyrant,” over the weekend. The new patch fixes some issues related to Warmind Cells and some Exotics that have allowed players to quickly annihilate some of the toughest bosses in the game.

Those Exotics are Wormgod’s Caress for Titans and Winter’s Guile for Warlocks. A bug in both has allowed players to extend their specific buffs far longer than intended. That allows players to build up massive damage against enemies like raid bosses and knock them out with ease. Bungie had disabled both Exotics previously until the bug could be identified and fixed, but this isn’t the developer’s first attempt. The same issue was present last season, and Bungie issued a hotfix then that wasn’t quite enough to defeat the bug once and for all.

The new patch also deals with a problem with Warmind Cells, a new mechanic added in the Season of the Worthy. Cells are explosive objects that some enemies can drop if you kill them with the weapons introduced this season while also using the latest seasonal mods on your armor. One mod, Grasp of the Warmind, allows you to pick up and throw Warmind Cells at enemies–but that was also allowing some players to charge up their Super abilities at ridiculous speeds. According to Bungie’s patch notes, that should be fixed as well.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Hotfix Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue with Titan exotic Wormgod Caress which was allowing for upkeep of the Burning Fists stacking melee buff far beyond it’s intended duration.
  • Fixed an issue with Warlock exotic Winter’s Guile which was allowing for upkeep of the Warlord’s Sigil stacking melee buff far beyond it’s intended duration.
  • Fixed an issue where players could earn a Sentinel Super within 10 seconds using the Grasp of the Warmind carry object.
  • Players can no longer melee while holding on to the Grasp of the Warmind carry object.


  • Fixed an issue where the additional Clan Bounty unlocked from reaching Clan rank 6 was not being made available from Hawthorne


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for the Small Fireteam XP Boost from the Season Pass to apply the wrong XP Boost.

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