Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Undying spills disaster in Group A at OGA Dota PIT

Europe and CIS division of OGA Dota PIT Online resumed its group stage matches after taking a three days break to give the competing teams space to also play for charitable causes at Gamers Without Borders. The small break seems to have been put to good use by some of the teams as the first two series featured four Undying games.

Unfortunately, the hero didn’t live up to his name and despite the element of surprise he brought to the drafts, he is now on a 0-4 win-loss ratio after both and FlyToMoon were unsuccessful with it. were the first to pick Undying, but their adversaries were OG, who had no issues addressing the potential lane harassment the hero can apply. OG decided to go with an aggressive trilane Luna – Enchantress – Earthshaker against the Undying – Drow Ranger duo safe lane of and smashed the lane with their simple combos. The mid game stage was better for Viking, who found pickoffs on all OG cores and were looking like they still had a chance to recover. However, the position 5 Undying proved to be truly underwhelming facing OG’s team fight with Luna and Invoker and the game victory was easily secured by the double TI champions. Despite the loss, insisted with the Undying in the next game and secured the same duo support with Phoenix, while they changed things up with the core positions. They had an Axe offlane doing his best to creep skip, but doing so he gave three kills in the first 10 minutes of the game, while in the bottom lane Undying was also losing the battle. OG had a text-book combo: Juggernaut carry – Magnus mid lane and the pair of them proved to be unstoppable executing in 25 minutes.

The 0-2 loss puts in danger of an early elimination. They have just one series left on the group stage schedule and for now they are on the bottom place in Group A with an overall 2-6 games score.

FlyToMoon is the other team to have lost two games in a row with Undying today, but despite the result against Alliance, they still are third in the group, while the Swedish stronghold organization are in second place with two more series to be played. Their victories today were secured with outstanding performances from Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov and Gustav “s4” Magnusson.

The day continues with Group B matches, where Team Secret and Ninjas in Pyjamas will fight for the top seed of the group. Team Secret will play against Team Liquid, while NiP will end the day with their series versus Team Spirit.

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