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Top 10 champions to play in League of Legends URF 2020

League of Legends‘ Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode is back for patch 10.10. This 5v5 game mode is a fan favorite, as players choose any champion to fight against the enemy team. Each champion’s mana and energy consumption reduced by 100%, allowing players to spam their favorite abilities. The best part is each champion gets extra stat boosts, making some stronger than others.

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      For patch 10.10, there are plenty of nerfs and buffs that have been added. Additionally, these changes have incidentally made certain champions overpowered, with some being almost perma-banned by players. Here’s a quick list of stat updates:

      • 100% Mana and energy consumption reduction.
      • 50% Health cost reduction.
      • 80% cooldown reduction on abilities, activated items, and summoner spells.
      • 25% tenacity and tenaciousness. +60 movement speed.
      • 25% additional damage for Critical Strikes.
      • 100% bonus damage to infernal dragons.

      Overall, the stats for this year’s URF almost mirror those of the previous years. Some champions’ buffs and nerfs have affected their pick and win rate though. Below is a list of the strongest League of Legends champions to play in this year’s URF:


      Ekko escaping his enemies with his 10-second R cooldown is part of the reason why he’s a God-tier URF pick. His W slows and stuns enemies almost constantly with a 4.4-second cooldown. He has a 56% win rate but a 16.16% ban rate, opposite of another God-tier champion, Yuumi.


      If you’re lucky enough to play Yuumi, this champion is more than a headache to the enemy team. With a 57% win rate, this champion has the highest ban rate since this year’s release of URF. She even received a nerf, reducing damage and healing by 20-30%. Her strengths here rely on her poking the enemy with her Q, quickly dashing from one ally to another, and healing. URF’s cooldown reduction may have you spamming and winning in no time.


      Shaco has always been a favorite pick in URF, as his Q can keep you invisible long enough to get multiple kills. His crowd control and burst damage make every kill better than the last. Let’s not forget the cooldown on his R, which allows him to make a clone of himself constantly through the game. Add in more Ability Power with Hextech Gunblade, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Lich Bane, and Zhonya’s Hourglass for an extra-fun game.


      Besides being one of the top support champions in regular League of Legends games, Nami can heal, speed up, and bubble within seconds. The extra cooldown on her abilities allows her to heal herself and her allies fast enough to sustain them under tower and in team fights. Although her healing was nerfed by 10%, you can still stack up items such as Athene’s Holy Grail and Ardent Censer to make up for it. You can also go complete AP and show the enemies the power of the sea. She currently has the highest win rate at 59.69% with a surprisingly low ban rate of 0.44%.


      Overall, Fizz is a top-performing champion when played correctly. His R can provide plenty of crowd control, and his dashes can frustrate the enemy. The quickness that his dashes offer in URF may make you not want to play another champion ever, as he can barely be caught. He currently stands at a 59% win rate with a 41% ban rate.


      This marksman will be dashing through lanes in no time, allowing himself to get a double-shot multiple times within seconds. His ult can end team fights with triple or even quadra-kills, and he won’t even need to worry about his mana usage. He is currently next to Nami at a 59.12% win rate.


      Zed is a strong champion in URF, as he can harass enemy players with his ranged abilities. His enemies have to look twice before getting into a 1v1 with him, as his Shadow Slash can end them in seconds.


      URF makes Morgana a magic damage binding-machine, as the cooldowns on her Q allow her to stun multiple players within seconds. Along with that, she can do double the damage with her W while prepping herself to R her enemy. This League of Legends champion may make it impossible for the enemy to run away, as she will constantly keep them bound.


      Katarina is another strong pick for URF. She’s another melee assassin with plenty of dashes, allowing her to escape from or kill the enemy in seconds. URF’s cooldown reduction makes her ult almost the scariest thing since Fiddlesticks’ rework. If the enemy team has no crowd control, then they might be in for a tough game.


      If you’re new to the game mode or just want to have good fun, Lux is a great champion to play. Besides being able to constantly stun her enemies, she has an extremely low cooldown on her R. With her quick shields and stuns, she provides sustainability and crowd control in some intense team fights.

      This isn’t a full list of the best champions to play in URF, as League of Legends has over 140 champions to choose from. Which champion is your favorite to play? Let us know in the comments below.

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