Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

This S/I Karma control list has topped the Runeterra Master rank

The Legends of Runeterra meta on Master rank has been pretty diverse since Patch 0.9.0. Where before it was mostly Mistwraiths, Spiders, and Elusives, now several decks, from lightning-fast aggros to greedy and slow controls, have hit Rank 1 Master.

The latest in the war for 1st place comes from Team Liquid’s Mateusz “Alanzq” Jasiński. The TFT player only recently switched to playing Runeterra full time but already he’s has enormous success. He’s been pushing several control decks to Master, refusing to play the widespread I/F Elusives or Rally Mistwraiths deck. Just days after Patch 0.9.0 hit, Alanzq resurrected the Warmother Control and brought it to #1 Master. He then found a 78% win rate Lux/Karma control and also contributed to one of the strongest Karma/Heimerdinger control lists.

On Thursday, another control deck from Alanzq hit #1 Master.

Alanzq’s Rank #1 Master S/I Karma control

This isn’t necessarily a new archetype. The S/I Karma controls (or “Spooky Karma” as some call it) appeared in the post-0.9.0 days, exploiting the slowed-down Runeterra metagame. The deck is one of the greediest lists out there and wins by first generating a ton of spells through Karma before pushing out lethal doses of damage from The Harrowing. As it was mostly a win big or lose big deck, however, we ranked it as a Tier B list in our latest Runeterra Meta Snapshot.

Alanzq’s list looks like the original ones, but only at first sight. The Harrowing is gone. The only win condition is sticking a Karma on the board (or reviving her through The Rekindler), as well as the powerful 6/6 Emerald Awakeners. The rest of the deck is removal spells to clear the board for the Awakeners, plus whatever spells Karma generates.

Without big finishers like The Harrowing or even Insight of Ages to generate more free spells, it almost looks like this deck shouldn’t work — but it does. You will need a lot of practice with it, knowing when and how to use your removals, but once you get it, you’ll get super strong swings and trades. Mark of the Isles is a powerful card which almost doesn’t have a drawback since you’re playing The Rekindler and Mist’s Call as resurrect effects.

So, if you don’t feel like playing any of the aggro/midrange decks that are solid Tier A, try Alanzq’s list. If you’re good enough, you’ll climb fast.

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