Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Riot showcases new chilling Fiddlesticks trailer that will scare your socks off

Riot Games explained earlier this month that Fiddlesticks’ rework is “just around the corner.” But even that warning wasn’t enough to prepare League of Legends fans for today’s terrifying trailer.

An “ancient fear awakens” in the Terror in Demacia trailer as the Harbinger of Doom claims his prey in the middle of the night.

Riot immediately sets the spooky scene with a night-time conversation between two lowly soldiers by a campfire. The full moon is partially hidden by eerie clouds and crows flap their wings and squawk overhead. As the unsuspecting soldiers discuss their disdain for Runeterra’s mages, they’re interrupted by a strange sound in the woods.

When one soldier goes missing, the other runs headfirst into the desolate forest to investigate. After reaching the perceived spot where this fellow in arms should be, his body quickly disappears into dust.

The shriek “help me” echoes through the woods.

But the only thing the soldier sees is a lantern dangling from the arm of a scarecrow. Nothing to be afraid of, right? Wrong.

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