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PSG.LGD set to play the opening series of the DPL against EHOME

 It has been well over
a year since the Dota Professional League (DPL) has seen any action, but it returns
as the schedule for both this and the Dota Secondary Professional League (DSPL)
is announced.

Only a few days ago on March 27th, 2020, Mars Media confirmed the return of the DPL and DSPL after over a year of hiatus. Earlier today, the organisation released the full group stage schedule for both events as the longest running Chinese Dota 2 league returns. The DPL features eight of the best teams in China fighting for a prize pool of $100,000 – while the DSPL is set to showcase the talents of eight of the “smaller” teams in the region, with a prize pool of $7,000. Below you can see the team’s participating in each separate league as well as the schedule for the group stages.

Dota Professional League (DPL)

  • Vici Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Keen Gaming
  • Team Aster
  • Invictus Gaming
  • CDEC Gaming

With PSG.LGD looking slightly revitalized in recent times, it will be interesting to see what they can accomplish within the DPL, especially considering that they have the opening series on April 4th versus EHOME. However, lurking in the teams is also Vici Gaming, the two times DPL winners – alongside a host of other brilliant Chinese Dota 2 talent. The DPL will run through April and as with most current events, it will be played online.

Dota Secondary Professional League (DSPL)

  • Blaze
  • EHOME.Immortal
  • Invictus Gaming.Vitality
  • Look For Smile
  • Keen Gaming.Luminous
  • Team Sirius
  • You Know Who
  • Typhoon E-Sports Club

Many of the teams in the DSPL are already known as being either sister squads to those in the DPL or just for their amazing performances in recent times – such as Blaze, who will be remembered for knocking PSG.LGD out of the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 regional qualifier just a short time ago. The DSPL will begin on April 13th and run through to May 3rd, also played online.

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