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Pokemon Go Terrakion: Best Counters, Raids, And Battle Tips

Another Legendary Pokemon is returning to Pokemon Go this week. Terrakion, the Cavern Pokemon, will make an encore appearance in raid battles from May 19-26, and this time around, you’ll have a chance to encounter its Shiny form. If you need help defeating it, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you battle and catch Terrakion below.

Terrakion Raid Hours

Terrakion will appear in Gyms as a five-star raid spawn until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on May 26. These raids will occur periodically throughout the week, but you’ll receive an in-game notification when one is about to begin nearby, so you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking one down. However, your best chance to find Terrakion will come on May 20, when Niantic hosts another Raid Hour event. From 6-7 PM local time, Terrakion raids will occur much more frequently than usual, effectively ensuring you encounter the Legendary.

Terrakion Weaknesses And Counters

Terrakion is a Rock/Fighting Pokemon, which gives it perhaps the most elemental weaknesses of the three Swords of Justice. As was the case with Virizion, Psychic and Fairy Pokemon such as Gardevoir, Togekiss, and Granbull are good choices to bring along.

Terrakion’s part-Rock typing also makes it vulnerable to Grass, Water, Ground, Steel, and other Fighting types, giving you a wide range of team options. Some good, common choices include Swampert, Torterra, Rhyperior, and the aforementioned Virizion if you were able to catch it before it left raids. However, you’ll want to avoid using Ice or Flying Pokemon, as each has a disadvantage against Terrakion.

Remote Raids

Thanks to the recently launched Remote Raid Passes, you don’t need to physically travel to a Gym to join a Terrakion raid. If you have a Remote Raid Pass, you can use it to participate in any raid that appears on your Nearby screen, letting you challenge the Legendary without leaving home.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind concerning Remote Raid Passes, however. First, only a maximum of five remote players can join the same raid. Second, Pokemon used by remote players have lower attack power than those used by players physically at the Gym. You can learn more about how to get and use Remote Raid Passes in our guide.

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