Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Overwatch's April Fools' Update Has Its Googly Eyes On You

Overwatch has always provided a steady stream of free updates that add limited-time events and new characters, but the latest may be the greatest yet. A new April Fools’ update to the game appears to keep all the regular gameplay and systems intact, but adds a little something special to each character: googly eyes.

Yes, like the little plastic ones you get from a craft store.

Each character has a googly-eyed makeover, making them look much sillier than their usual selves. In fact, the more aggressive and threatening the original character, the better they look with googly eyes. Take a look at Doomfist, for example:

Just perfection.

The zaniness even appears to apply to some Ultimate abilities, as seen in the tweet below. Blizzard didn’t formally announce this update, so there’s no telling how long it will last–but at least until April 2 is a pretty safe bet.

Meanwhile, the new character Echo is available to play on the public test realm on PC, and an ongoing limited-time event lets you earn a special Doomfist skin. Of course, the impact of the new skin is slightly reduced by the googly-eyed silliness, but that will pass. Probably.

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