Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

NRG Esports Makes Turtle Beach Its Exclusive PC Partner

NRG Esports and Turtle Beach are teaming up as exclusive PC partners.

Turtle Beach seems to be looking to corner the market on PC gaming entertainers. No sooner do they snag Dr Disrespect as their spokesperson on Twitch do they grab NRG Esports in an exclusive partnership.

“I’m thrilled to bring NRG, Turtle Beach, and their new PC brand ROCCAT together this year,” said Hector Rodriguez, Co-CEO of NRG Esports. “I have such an incredible history working with Turtle Beach and wanted to bring that legacy with me as I started my new journey with NRG.”

Turtle Beach and its PC peripheral sub-brand Roccat will serve as NRG’s official gaming accessories partner, providing headsets, keyboards, and mice for NRRG’s various gaming teams. Headsets such as the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 and peripherals like the Kone Pure Ultra lightweight RGB mouse.

NRG will also provide Turtle Beach with insights for potential future products. In the meantime, Turtle Beach will provide “NRG’s players with the best gear, and will be able to create more great content for gamers on all platforms.”

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