Friday, 22 Sep 2023

NBA Team Phoenix Suns to Play Remaining Games on Twitch Using NBA 2K20

The Pheonix Suns have decided to take to the virtual court for their canceled NBA games.

The real-life NBA outfit will take to Twitch to stream the rest of their normal league NBA games for fans. Using NBA 2k20 the Phoenix Suns will play out the fixtures for fans.

It’s not currently known who will host the stream and if they will be playing against the AI or online against actual Mavericks players. However, Devin Booker, who was streaming on Twitch when the news broke about the NBA being suspended could be involved.

While the games are obviously not going to count for the NBA, which is currently on a 30-day suspension due to the COVID-19 virus, Phoenix Suns did at least feel the need to clarify in a Tweet shortly after that this wasn’t official and wouldn’t count to their NBA win/losses.

“Saturday’s game will be moved to tomorrow. Join us live on Twitch as we take on the Dallas Mavericks!”, wrote Phoenix Suns on Twitter as they confirmed it will begin at 5 PM in partnership with Casino Arizona.

While it’s not much for Basketball fans, it at least gives them something to watch during the break. Even if it is meaningless. The NBA was officially suspended as of March 11th once the Wednesday matches were played out. The league will use the hiatus to decided on its next step as they, like most other sports, chose to suspend during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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