Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Malta closes border to several countries, several ESL Pro League teams may be shut out

Just days before ESL Pro League is set to begin, Malta has banned travel from four more European countries. Those coming from Germany, France, Spain, and Switzerland will be unable to come into the country after midnight on Wednesday, March 11th. Those landing prior to that time will be subject to quarantine. The four countries have been added to the list previously only comprised of Italy.

“The decision has been taken on the advice of the medical authorities because of the sharp increase in the spread of the virus,” Prime Minister Robert Abela told a press conference.

With two majority French lineups set to compete in ESL Pro League, this leaves the future of the event up in the air. In addition, if the rumors that BIG will replace Heroic in the league come to fruition, their German lineup is also looking to be unable to access the event. GODSENT’s Kevin “kRYSTAL” Amend is also from Germany.

At this time there’s been no official word from ESL or the teams outside of a tweet from the OG and EG manager & coach respectively.

Chet “ImAPet” Singh’s squad may be flying through one of those countries given his reply, while Vladyslava Zakhliebina’s team has Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt from France.

VPEsports will continue to follow the story closely as new details come to light.

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