Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Logitech G and Motorsport Organization McLaren Racing Renew Partnership

Logitech announced that its PC and console gaming peripherals brand Logitech G has renewed its partnership with McLaren Racing. The two will once again focus on esports, but have said they want to make a “deeper dive into the space.” Details on what that “deeper dive” will entail were not disclosed at the time of writing.

McLaren and Logitech G have continued to push into the esports simulation gaming space with competitions such as McLaren Racing’s Shadow Project and the Logitech G Challenge. In 2018 and 2019 a combined one million players competed in the two-event series, according to Logitech. However, McLaren and Logitech G will combine the two into a single competition this year called the G Challenge 2020.

McLaren Racing currently operates an esports division with its own virtual racing program that closely follows its real-world equivalent. The company has stated on its web site that, “transference of skills between virtual and real racing are both direct and profound.”

The UK-based Formula 1 team has several partnerships, including Alienware, huami, and Logitech G. McLaren Shadow fields a team in the Gfinity-organized official F1 Esports Series which itself is sponsored by DHL and Fanatec.

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